Victoria Beckham's Daughter Is a Mini Posh Spice in This Very '90s Dress

Which celebrity family would you like to be a part of? I have a feeling that the Beckhams would be near the top of many people's lists. For starters, Victoria and David have been married an impressive 21 years. But the main draw is their adorable four kids and their seemingly close-knit family dynamic. To wit: Victoria just posted a sweet photo with her 9-year-old daughter, Harper, and it quickly racked up over 400,000 likes.

"Kisses from posh and baby posh," Victoria captioned the photo. The duo is wearing coordinating '90s spaghetti-strap dresses that would be right at home at a Spice Girls concert in 1998. (Side note: I would very much like to know if VB is wearing one of her OG costumes!) A slip dress with ultra-thin straps is absolutely stylish in 2020 and can be paired with tights, cardigans, and/or boots come fall and winter. Scroll down to see the mother-daughter photo and shop similar slip dresses.

Shop Similar Slip Dresses

I'm quite happy with myself that I uncovered what may be the perfect black slip dress of all time. 

Yes, the tie-dye trend is still going incredibly strong. 

This dress has earned rave reviews on Nordstrom thanks to its luxurious satiny material and beautiful color. 

I love this beautiful green-and-black print. 

Hot tip: Topshop is my go-to brand for slip dresses. 

This genius piece comes with both the dress and T-shirt that are easy to mix-and-match with other things in your closet. 

Minimalism is the name of the game with slip dresses. 

Animal prints always reappear every fall. 

I'm all about "trippy" prints like this space-age one by Simon Miller. 

Don't overlook the beautiful back of this dress.

This is wedding-worthy if I do say so myself.