And Now, Every Beauty Trend That Went Viral Thanks to Hailey Bieber

Just like the rest of the world seems to be, I too am mildly obsessed with Hailey Bieber. She has everyone in a trance, particularly in the beauty space. It’s not difficult to see why—she truly has her finger on the pulse, and nearly everything she does will inevitably dictate a brand-new beauty craze. 

Case in point: all of the beauty trends that have gone viral thanks to Bieber, particularly on TikTok. If you’re in tune with the beauty scene at all, you know that Bieber has been at the center of some major trends this year. From glazed donut nails to intensely dewy skin, Bieber has been at the helm of trends that many of us have adapted into our everyday lives. (I, for one, can’t seem to shake the chokehold that sleek, low buns have on me.) Here, we’ve compiled all of the beauty trends we’ve adapted thanks to Bieber—including a few you may have forgotten.

Glazed Donut Nails


(Image credit: @haileybieber)

At this point, Bieber’s glazed donut nails have reached icon status. One thing we love about Bieber is that she never gatekeeps—she’s revealed her color combo many times. Bieber typically opts for a subtly sparkly or sheer nude polish shade, like OPI’s Pale to the Chief or Funny Bunny. She gets the gel version and tops it with OPI’s Tin Man Can, a chrome powder that's only available in-salon, but it’s easy enough to replicate the same vibe at home.

Model Off-Duty Sleek Bun


(Image credit: @haileybieber)

Sleek buns are one of the absolute easiest ways to look polished in a flash. Bieber is often seen sporting one of these low buns, and they always make her look chic and put together—but truly, this is the ultimate second- (or third, or fourth, no judgment) day hairstyle.

Glazed Donut Skin


(Image credit: @haileybieber)

If you’re sensing a theme here, it’s not just you. Bieber loves everything glazed-donut-themed. Thanks to her oft-sold-out skincare line, Rhode, Bieber has brought the idea of "glazed donut skin” front and center. This trend is all about making your skin look as dewy as possible, at all times. Try it for yourself with luminizers under your makeup or using one of Bieber’s favorite TikTok hacks, mixing equal parts foundation with a hydrating serum or lightweight moisturizer. (Glow-inducing skincare products that help exfoliate pack a helpful punch too!)

Brownie glazed lips


ready for all the fall things including brownie glazed lips 🥹✨✨✨🤎🤎🤎

♬ cant erase - weeping audios

In a recent TikTok, Bieber unveiled her fall lip combo, and everyone is head over heels for it. To create "brownie glazed lips,” Bieber lines her lips with a brown lip pencil and then tops them with a high-shine gloss to help blend everything together.

Brushed-Up Brows


(Image credit: @haileybieber)

One look at Bieber and one thing will immediately stand out: the girl has really, really good brows. The best part about Bieber’s brows is that they’re totally natural-looking—they’re not overly filled in or plucked. Bieber has shared that to achieve this vibe, she typically reached for either a clear or tinted brow gel (she likes both Milk and Anastasia Beverly Hills).

Y2K Hairstyles


bluechella 🥺🦋🦋🦋 @leahdarcymakeup

♬ SZA - Remix - Kidtendo!

When Bieber isn’t a sporting a slicked-back bun, the model and brand founder is almost always rocking a Y2K-inspired hairstyle, whether it’s two face-framing braids or half-up pigtails. No matter what, she makes sure her hair is always fun.

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