It's True: These Classic Gucci Handbags Are All Under $1000

Gucci Handbags Under $1000


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Gucci handbags for under $1000 might not seem like the biggest bargain in the world, but considering that some of the current styles being produced by the brand are ringing in at anywhere from $1500 to $36,000, the selection ahead deserves at least a little appreciation. The key to sourcing designer handbags for less is by shopping on sites like The Real Real. If you aren't familiar with The Real Real, it's a luxury resale site where you can find pre-loved (as I like to call it) designer goods including everything from Louis Vuitton luggage to Prada headbands, but today we're focusing on solely Gucci handbags. 

Since we really are all for an investment handbag, we didn't want to dip too low as far as price cap was concerned. However, while none of the Gucci handbags ahead are priced over $1000, there are certainly some that are much more affordable than that. Does $207 for a Gucci evening clutch sound like a steal? Thought so. Ahead, shop some of the most stylish and classic Gucci handbags available at The Real Real that are under $1000.  

This bamboo handle is perfect for summer. 

 A handbag that will truly never go out of style. 

At this price, and with this color, we don't know why you haven't added it to cart yet. 

This vintage camera bag will turn heads. 

Another price that makes your jaw drop. 

In case you didn't jump on the belt bag trend last year, now is your chance. 

This contrasting blue leather makes this old-school style feel so fresh. 

A carryall that is both chic and timeless. 

Wear this with everything, no matter the season. 

You can't go wrong with that red and green icon. 

These bags represent the grandma trend in all the right ways.

Bring this bag on your next vacation for both utility and style. 

Everyone will be asking where you snagged this stunner. 

Wear this with vintage jeans and a T-shirt for the perfect classic look. 

This gold and red combination looks so expensive. I mean, it is Gucci after all. 

Perfect for that awkward spring-to-summer transition. 

Another grandma bag to add to your collection. 

True fact: I stole this exact bag from my grandmother and use it all the time. Don't tell her. 

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