Find a Gucci Model Who Doesn't Remind You of Harry Potter… I'll Wait

Just when we thought Alessandro Michele couldn't outdo himself any more than he already had, his F/W 18 collection for Gucci went truly next-level. We're talking dragons, snakes, decapitated (fake) human heads, and more. While frantically scrolling through the looks, we began to feel a strange nostalgia. Obviously, each look was one-of-a-kind, but we couldn't help but feel like we had been here before, to this place, with these people. Was it a dream? Was it a past collection? Oh no—it was Hogwarts.

Harry Potter fans can get a little protective of their fandom (true Hufflepuff behavior, if you ask Cole Sprouse or this editor), but it takes a movie watcher to spot the Gucci models' resemblance to J.K. Rowling's famed universe. Beyond the literal dragons, snakes, and centaur that accompanied models down the runway, we saw a range of magical character inspiration, from a young Tom Riddle to Luna Lovegood and beyond.

Color us obsessed, but we combed through the entire Gucci F/W 18 collection to pick out the looks that reminded us of Harry Potter characters the most, because blimey—the resemblance was uncanny.

Keep checking in because knowing us, we'll be trying to make Harry Potter references from this Gucci collection all day long.