8 Gray Outfits That Are Anything But Boring

As far as colors go, gray doesn't always have the best connotation, but if you think past the suggestion of dreary weather, it can actually be warm, wearable, and universally flattering. A head-to-toe gray outfit is a softer alternative to all black for those looking to kick the habit this season. And for those who aren't color-averse, it's an easy palette cleanser that lets texture and silhouette shine.

For fall and winter, we especially like piling on pieces in numerous shades of gray—the effect is cozy and sophisticated, and, even better, it's difficult to screw up. Try mixing charcoal with dove gray, or pewter with slate (just try not to roll your eyes when someone makes a 50 Shades reference). Focus on textures as well to give the look some depth: a chunky knit with distressed gray denim and a patent-leather jacket, say, or classic wool trousers with a fuzzy sherpa coat and a slouchy heather-gray tee.

Below, see eight street style–approved ways to wear allover gray, and shop some of the season's standout pieces.


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