This Pretty Shoe Trend Is a Wise Investment—It Goes With Everything

gold heels



One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to shopping is buying something for a specific occasion and then never wearing it again. To avoid this, I've tried to shop smarter by investing in pieces, especially shoes, that go with many different things. I've even made a laundry list of versatile shoe styles, and today, I want to talk about one of them—gold heels. You might not think that metallic shoes are versatile since understated neutrals like white, black, and nude are typically what come to mind when we think of versatile shoes. But based on my research, gold heels are the shoe trend that's shockingly wearable with a wide variety of looks. 

To prove it, I've pulled together a handful of outfits with gold heels to both inspire you and show just how many different outfits and color schemes the shoes pair well with. If you're on the wedding circuit, gold heels are a surprising accessory that will come in handy for wearing with many different wedding guest dresses, no matter their style, color, or occasion.

Ahead, glean some styling inspiration from the fashion crowd, and further down, shop my favorite gold heels at every budget.

What to Wear With Gold Heels



Neutrals like white and beige play well with the heels' warm tones.



Yep, they're even an excellent match to a classic little black dress.



Balance out a vibrant color with gold heels since they don't take away any of the attention from the rest of the ensemble.

Metallic heels are useful for more than just events like weddings and date nights. Style them with casual day dresses for a unique twist.

Amp up the heels' festive nature with some colorful sequins.

French girls know that gold heels pair well with any date-night dress in their closets.



I love the idea of wearing them with an all-white outfit in the summer. It perfectly fits the clean-girl aesthetic.

Now, Shop the Best Gold Heels

Pick up a few new dresses while you're at it.

The ankle wrap really takes these to the next level.

To wear with anything and everything.

Fun fact: The lace-up strap is removable for a completely different look.

I think I found the perfect wedding guest heels. They're versatile, pretty, and highly danceable.

To wear with everything from jeans to a slip dress.