21 Going-Out Tops That Make Me Want to Actually Go Out

The best summer going-out tops



Think back to around the time of 2003. What was the only thing you could possibly think of leaving the house wearing on a Saturday night? The single most important piece in your wardrobe? The holy-grail of tops, if you will? That's right; I'm talking about the beloved going-out top. You know, the one you would throw on with a simple pair of jeans, and just like that, your outfit was complete.

Well, fast-forward to 2019, and the GOT is officially back. What constitutes a GOT, you ask? As Man Repeller recently explained, the anatomy of a going-out top can be broken down into a few simple elements: It must A) be a piece you can always count on, B) be relatively wearable, and C) offer a tinge of nostalgia (if you need a more visual example of said nostalgia, please see the new IG account our whole office is talking about: @SpaghettiStrapsoftheOC).

I hung up my party-girl hat years ago. I'm much more of a long, leisurely dinner kind of girl now when I'm craving a night out. However, with the recent resurgence of said going-out tops, I'm actually finding myself wanting to change my ways and give myself an excuse to add a few to my closet. And trust me—it takes a special piece to make me want to ditch my inclination to stay home on a Friday night. So without further ado, I've highlighted the 21 GOTs I currently have saved in my Instagram collections below and shopped out each one in case they have you feeling inspired as well.

The tie-front makes this top feel effortless.

It wouldn't be summer without a little white top.

I have this top in another color and have been wearing it on repeat.

The tie detailing makes this feel different from your other white tops. 

I would wear this top exactly as Veronica did in the above photo. 

You can truly never go wrong with leopard.

The slim torso makes this top pair perfectly with high-waisted bottoms. 

This top pairs perfectly with a wrap skirt.

I saw Kendall Jenner wearing a zebra-print top from Reformation, so I bought a zebra-print top from Reformation. 

The back of this top is what really got me. 

This goes with literally everything. 

I want to wear this exactly how Monikh did—with an opposing print on the bottom. 

Confession: I actually already got this one and have been wearing it at least once a week ever since.

Puff shoulders are a major summer 2019 trend. 

Pro tip: You can wear this scarf as a top or fold it up and tie it around your waist as a belt. 

If you're looking for a wear-with-everything top, this is it. 

How pretty is this neckline? 

You can never go wrong with a little black top.

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