7 Grandma Trends That Are in Right Now (Plus 2 That Are Out)

Grandma dressing is a trend we spotted earlier this year as fashion girls chose outerwear and accessories that looked as if they had been stolen straight from their grannies' closets. It was cute at the time, but we didn't expect it to gain quite as much steam as it currently has. Now, as we enter into summer, the grandma dressing has become more and more enticing. Before we dive into the seven retro trends that have caught our attention, we want to chat about a couple that are on the outs. Not because they aren't cool, but because they aren't seasonal.

The grandma trends that are out are furry coats and tights. This past winter, vintage-inspired fur and faux-fur coats were all we saw on the street style and Instagram scene, but as we enter into warmer months, people will be shedding their outer layers for something a bit cooler. In that same vein, tights—colored, lace, printed—were also a winter retro trend that was not only popular last year but that will trend once again next fall. Due to the shift of the season, however, we can put the full-length stockings away. Don't worry—we have replacements for the trends that are out and a few more styles that are bubbling up. After sifting through the below, you'll quickly be re-thinking the relevancy of your grandmother's closet.

Now for the grandma trends that are in


No, you aren't being Punk'd. Tweed is officially cool again as proven by the plethora of looks influencers have been donning all over Instagram over the past year. While the material certainly is timeless, for some reason, it's feeling fresher than ever before. 


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Knee-High Socks

Knee-high socks remind me of elementary school uniforms and, of course, my grandmother. Grandmas tend to wear this sock style as a replacement for full pantyhose, but now, fashion girls are styling them with shorter hemlines and sleek heels. 


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Babushka Scarves

According to Merriam-Webster, by definition, "babushka" means both a scarf worn over the head and a Russian grandmother. The new accessories trend has officially taken the street style scene by storm and according to the below, that trend will only continue to rise in popularity. 


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Square-Toe Shoes

We've covered this shoe trend before, but it's also one that closely ties into the grandma aesthetic. The focus here, however, is that vintage feel in the form of either loafers, kitten heel pumps, or mules. 


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One of the biggest jewelry trends of the season is also one that your grandmother has heaps of sitting in her closet. If really want to dive into the trend, opt for a classic string of pearls layered over any of your tweed separates, but if you want an alternative, choose a modern pair of earrings instead.


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Sweater Vests

Yet another trend that might come as the shock of the century is the return of the sweater vest. After seeing the trend pop for multiple seasons now, I can guarantee this trend is here to stay. Pairing it with midi skirts and button-downs with exaggerated bibs really helps to highlight the grandma effect.


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Structured Bags

Your grandmother probably used to carry around these little frame bags, we've searched for them tirelessly in vintage stores, and now they are back in full swing on the retail front with new designers popping up all over the place coming out with new and exciting versions.


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