The Most Versatile Going-Out Top Is Only $20


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You know those rare times you come across a fashion find so life-changing that you wonder what you even wore before you owned it? Well, today I'm here to share one of those finds. About a month ago, my friend was wearing high-waisted trousers with the most ideal cropped and fitted top I had ever seen. Appearances didn't deceive me, either. She proceeded to spill that she was wearing Free People's Skinny Strap Brami Top, and it was one of the best purchases she'd ever made. I immediately recalled our managing editor, Michelle Scanga, gushing about the same top not too long ago—she even wrote a story about it. I then proceeded to order two for myself and completely understood what all the hype was about.

Let. me. tell. you. why. This brami top (the hybrid of a bra and cami) hits at the perfect spot on your torso to pair with high-waisted bottoms. It perfectly meets the top of the pants so that almost no skin shows, or if, like me, you want to show a bit of skin sometimes, you can simply fold it under a bit to flash more of your waist. Combine this with the fact that it currently comes in 23 colors and rings in at just $20, and I've got my new favorite going-out top.

Now I will admit that my small chest size (32A, in case you were wondering) does allow me to go braless in this seamlessly, you can always throw a lightweight style on underneath if you choose. This top is so simple yet so clutch. There's a reason this top has 10.8K loves on Free People's website—10,000 other folks can't be wrong. Keep scrolling to see and shop this magical top.


(Image credit: @caitlinburnett__)


(Image credit: @caitlinburnett__)


(Image credit: @caitlinburnett__)

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Caitlin Burnett
Contributing Editor