These Luxury Sunglasses Make Me Feel Like the Chic Woman I Aspire to Be

The Best 6 Sunglasses for Fall


Giorgio Armani

I'm a lifelong California girl, which means I'm a year-round sunglasses wearer. Plus, my dad is an optometrist, so I'd never dare leave the house without a pair. The other side effect of having an optometrist parent? Developing a taste for luxe eyewear at a young age. I've always gravitated toward the latest offerings from high-fashion designers because they make me feel like a chic and elevated woman. It's not a vibe I'm always sporting, but when I do, I can't tell you how confident it makes me feel.

Since I was a teenager, Giorgio Armani has been a designer I can always count on to have multiple options to choose from when I'm looking for a new pair. Especially when it comes to oversize frames, Armani has the eyewear sector covered. Below I've picked out my favorites from its new eyewear collection. Each of them would serve as the perfect finishing touch on any fall outfit: just add a wool coat, equestrian-style boot, and ribbed-knit dress.

Statement eyewear is making a comeback, and the best part is I can wear an easy, simple outfit of neutral tones (because that's how we're dressing this fall) and throw these on for an instantly exciting look.

Sometimes you just need a classic tortoiseshell frame, especially to go with all the beige hues you're bound to wear this fall.

This antique rose color reminds me of my favorite pair of bone-hued sunglasses, which, let me tell you, are extremely wearable.

I like a pair of sunglasses that can double as jewelry.

The blue tone actually makes the diamond and stud detailing pop even more. I'm into it.