The Gen Z Starter Pack: 12 Spring Items to Get on Your Radar Immediately

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I'd say my taste usually gravitates toward elevated basics (you can't argue that a simple, neutral outfit isn't chic), but if you looked at my wish list for this spring, you'd be shocked to see a plethora of colorful items making themselves known. I'm talking full-on Y2K-inspired pieces—things that the crimped-haired and sparkly-glossed version of myself would have coveted years ago. Lime-green cropped sweaters? I need them. Funky-patterned halter tops? I'll wear 'em with everything. Low-rise denim? You don't even have to sign me up against my will. And all this style inspo is coming straight from the generation below me: Gen Z.

They've declared what's old is new again. So yes, take out that jean miniskirt you had back in 2002, and wear it out to brunch with your friends. But don't worry—if you didn't know there would be a resurgence of your favorite middle-school trends and have since gotten rid of it all, you can still snap up these nostalgic pieces in 2022. H&M, with its affordable pricing (I'm talking pieces that start at just $10) and inclusive sizing (with sizes ranging from 0–18 and XXS–XXL), is especially popular among the most-fashionable Gen Zers out there. So I went ahead and tapped three of them to show me what they're declaring must-haves from the retailer's newest spring collection, which is now available on Enter Taryn Cumbo, a digital content creator whose content ends up in my "saved" folder almost every week, and Aniyah Morinia and Yusra Siddiqui, two of my Who What Wear co-workers (and friends) who are always inspiring me to push my fashion limits. Keep scrolling to see their picks.

Taryn Cumbo, Digital Creator


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"I'm so excited to be combining different patterns, textures, and colors this spring. I love being able to break the boundaries and still be considered trendy. What makes something trendy is being able to pull it off, and I'm never afraid to go outside the box and try different styles! Did I mention how much I love bright colors?"

Aniyah Morinia, Associate Editor, Who What Wear


(Image credit: @aniyahmorinia)

"Spring this year is all about saturated hues, sporty eyewear, and oversize bottoms. After a cold and dreary winter, I get so much joy from putting outfits together that are colorful, bold, and eye-catching. My theme for this spring is experimentation because I want to test out new trends and really use the warmer weather to my advantage when creating fun looks this season."

Yusra Siddiqui, Assistant Market Editor, Who What Wear 


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"This season, I'll be incorporating '90s-inspired minimalism into my wardrobe. But I'll be modernizing it with touches of color and texture. While many associate Gen Z with maximalism, I love to strike the balance between maximalism and minimalism. H&M's collections always strike that balance fabulously, so I know my finds will be perfect for this season."

Anneliese Henderson
Senior Editor, Branded Content

Anneliese Henderson is a Los Angeles–based senior editor on the branded content team at Who What Wear where she covers the latest in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. When she’s not writing about her favorite trends, you can find her reading a book by the beach or spending money on overpriced smoothies at Erewhon.