WWW Editors Told Me the Nail Colors They'd Wear to a Party—the Answers Are Gold

Let’s be honest, nearly every nail color can be considered a “fun” nail color if you want it to be—“fun” is one of those terms that’s completely subjective. Whether a pale pink or a neon green is your definition of a party nail color, you should own that and go with it. If you’re in the market for fun nail color ideas, though, you’ve come to the right place.



I can’t think of anyone more fun than my colleagues at Who What Wear, so I decided to reach out to them and get the lowdown on what nail colors scream “life of the party” to them. Get ready for a lot of classic reds, some fun, out-there colors, and a few more neutral, easy to dress up or down shades.

We take our nails pretty seriously here at Who What Wear (they are the perfect finishing touch to every outfit, after all) so you can guarantee that these colors are all tried, true, and have a home in our personal polish collections. Keep reading for our favorite fun nail colors to wear to your next social outing. 

Katie Berohn, Associate Beauty Editor



Okay, I know what you're probably thinking: "Katie, black is the least fun nail color." But I disagree! In my daily life, I typically opt for reds or neutrals, but lately, I think the perfect nail color to add some fun edge to any look is an über glossy black. Pair it with sharp, pointy nails, and you have the ideal party look. 

Michaela Bushkin, Senior Fashion Editor, Branded Content



You'll rarely see me with neutral nails—I'm much more of a bold color polish kind of girl. I'm really into blue shades right now, especially what I like to call 'iMessage blue.' This color is popping up everywhere in fashion at the moment, so why not take the trend to my manicure too?

Allyson Payer, Senior Fashion Editor



"I'll always be an OPI Big Apple Red girl. Honestly, no other red matters to me. It's the most flattering shade of red I've encountered and it's perfectly opaque with two coats. I think my manicurist is pretty bored of me at this point because I get it so often."

Anna LaPlaca, Fashion Editor

"I like to keep things pretty low-key and muted with my nail color, but every once in a while, and especially for a fun event, I'll exit my comfort zone with something far less understated. Enter this glittery fuchsia color from Smith & Cult. Is it over the top? Yes. But is it also a conversation starter and mood booster? Absolutely."

Nicole Akhtarzad Eshaghpour, Senior Market Editor

"Regardless of the season, my mood, or the event, I'm always drawn to OPI's Malaga Wine. It works for anything, especially a party, thanks to its deep and rich red hue."

Shawna Hudson, Associate Beauty Editor

"I mean, the name alone is enough to make me smash the buy button on this gorgeous burgundy shade. I love sporting darker nail colors and this one is the perfect blend of magenta with just a hint of deep purple. I just love the way it compliments darker skin tones and something about wearing it just makes me feel like the ultimate cool mystery girl (a girl can pretend, right?)."

Sarah Yang, Managing Editor, THE/THIRTY

"Normally I like a red or a nude for weddings and other special events because they sort of go with just about any outfit. But if I really want to be festive and fun and make a statement, I'll try out a glitter polish. I love this shimmery rose gold one from Jinsoon. It's very bling-bling! If you're not quite ready to go in on an all-glitter mani, you can paint it on just the top half of your nails for an easy nail art look, or try out a party nail."

Jasmine Fox-Suliaman, Fashion Editor

"When it comes to picking a fun polish for a night out, I love to always opt for a color that can transition well into everyday wear, and what color better does that than pink? Whether it's fuchsia, bubblegum, or hot pink, I feel like this hue is the party hue. Plus, pink is basically. neutral for me—I know I can style it with a silky feather top or little black dress for a night out, and a little white dress or jeans for the day after. It's truly my hero polish color, every time."

Erin Jahns, Senior Beauty Editor



"It might not be all that nuanced, but I always gravitate towards red (and it just doesn't get any more classic than Chanel's iconic shade Pirate) when I have a party or event. I call it an unconventional neutral because a vintage red somehow manages to go with just about anything, and while it might sound cheesy, no other color gives me as much confidence. It's a bottled power move!"

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