Gucci Makes the Coolest Nail Colors, No Contest—These Unique Colors Prove It

Best Gucci nail polishes



It's probably obvious by now that there are a lot of nail polish brands out there we love. Whether they're luxury designer brands or budget-friendly favorites, we don't discriminate when it comes to polish. You might be surprised to know, however, that there's a particular designer brand that actually makes the most unique nail colors around. Yes, Gucci doesn't just make snatch-worthy loafers, friends—it's ventured into the world of luxury nail polish. 

Gucci nail shades are plant-based and enriched with ingredients like red algae extract and vitamin E to promote nail health. Each color also comes with a custom-made brush shape and the brand's formula is made to dry extra fast. If you're looking for a few one-of-a-kind options that will spice up your nail color arsenal, keep scrolling for all the best Gucci nail polishes. You won't be disappointed.

1. Dorothy Turquoise

This buttery shade of turquoise is the perfect pastel shade for spring. I love teal nail polishes, in general, but there's something extra unique about this smooth, bluish-white hue. It's not too bright or too translucent—it's just right.

2. Peggy Sunburn

I absolutely love this fiery shade of coral. I mean, I love coral nail polishes in general, but this one really takes the cake. It has an intensity to it that turns up the heat on your traditional coral oh-so-slightly. We'll call it burnt coral if you will.

3. Annabel Rose

Gucci even makes more basic shades totally its own. This neutral mocha-beige hue feels just right for everyday wear and goes with just about any outfit.

Best Gucci nail polishes



4. Goldie Red

Call it fire-engine red or ruby red—either way, this vibrant shade is one of Gucci's best. It's glossy, warm, and bright. You also can't beat the subtle hints of fuchsia sprinkled into the color, and it really gives it an edge.

5. Melinda Green

Not only would this make a great Halloween nail color, but it's also just a general attention grabber. Any shade of green really pops, but this lime-colored concoction is so far above average.

6. Marcia Cobalt

We've tried just about every blue nail polish under the sun at this point but always seem to come back to this lovely shade of cobalt from Gucci. It's bold yet doesn't feel overtly so. 

7. Winterset Snow

Everyone needs a solid shade of white in their polish collection, IMO. Gucci's winter white color goes above and beyond. It's a creamy, pearlescent white that may take a few extra coats but won't disappoint in the end.

8. Miriam Mint

If I were ever going to commit to a single shade of mint, it would be Gucci's. It's light, airy, and feels like a fresher take on pastel green. When you really look at it, it almost has a hint of turquoise in there, too. 

Best Gucci nail polishes



9. Ellen Blush

Honestly, I never thought I would find a blush pink color that compares to Chanel's Ballerina until Gucci's Ellen Blush came along. It's more of a muted, neutral pink that complements every skin tone in such a beautiful way.

10. Crystal Black

There's nothing more classic than black, and Gucci's formula is absolutely a winner. It has a long-lasting glossy shine and is just so pigmented. 

More Designer Nail Polishes We Love

This dark plum color from Chanel is a forever favorite of mine. It's a velvety, royal purple that looks so good, it's almost supernatural.

Dior's nail colors are created with special pigments that give off an extra vibrant color and shine. This electric shade of fuchsia really turns up the volume on any look.

I know, $50 for nail polish is a lot. But this rich, glossy formula from Christian Louboutin is *almost* as nice as snagging a pair of the brand's shoes. I can't get enough of this darker shade of magenta which lands perfectly between a pretty pink and hazy purple.