16 Luxe-Looking Nail Colors to Try Just in Time for Taurus Season

Is there anything better than Taurus season? As both a Taurus sun and Taurus moon, I realize I might be biased, but I think it's pretty hard to disagree. Taurus season is all about stability, opulence in all of its forms, and chances for us to ground ourselves. 

If you're looking to infuse the spirit of Taurus season—and the month of May in general—into your nails, I've rounded up the best possible colors for you to do so with. Opt for colors in a Taurus color palette, like green, pink, white, and anything earth-toned. It would be very Taurean of you to take time for yourself and do your nails—especially with a luxury nail polish brand. 

Luxe Greens

Green is the quintessential Taurus color—the May birthstone is an emerald, after all. Green symbolizes life, fertility, and renewal. 

This deep, forest green is the perfect earthy color. 

If you'd rather opt for a Kelly green, this choice from Gucci can't be beat. It's bright without being overpowering and pairs with just about anything. 

Bring gemstones to your fingertips with this emerald-inspired shade. With gold and blue metallic flecks, this polish is truly multi-dimensional. 

There's nothing like a dusty green to wake up your fingers while still keeping them muted. Try this shade out for the ultimate cool-girl mani. 

Neutral Earth Tones

Earth tones are essentially any shade found in nature, so most brown-leaning colors fit the bill. These colors typically signal stability, resilience, and strength. 

A brick nail polish is the perfect way to try a neutral in an exciting way. This rusty shade is the perfect terracotta. 

Opt for an almondy, coffee-with-cream brown for a down-to-earth vibe.

This creamy, caramely shade is perfect warm brown.

Taurus season is all about indulgence. Nothing screams "treating yourself" more than a shade of rich chocolate. 

Dreamy Pinks

Pink is the ultimate soft, feminine color. Tap into that power by painting your nails with a subdued version of the shade. 



This creamy salmon-toned shade looks good on virtually all skin tones. 

Nothing screams "late spring" more than this effervescent shade of petal pink. 

If I want an amped up take on a nude manicure, I almost always opt for this dusty blush. It strikes a great balance between neutral and fun. 

This nail polish is similar to a gel in that it makes nails look flawless, but it still comes off with the ease of a polish. This pale pink is gorgeous.

Shades of White

White embodies serenity and peace. This tranquil color is the perfect shade to paint your nails for immaculate vibes. 



Pearly white will always be one of my favorite takes on the simple shade. This color is opalescent in the prettiest way.

A milky off-white polish looks good on everyone. This one delivers tons of glossy shine.

A sandy white is the perfect crossover between white and nude for anyone who wants an earthier take on the shade.