Sophie Turner's Nail Artist Says This Is the Only Color That Matters This Spring

Recently, I found myself in Julie Kandalec's exclusive, appointment-only nail salon, Julie K Nail Atelier. Kandalec is known for unique, refined manicures and the kind of nail art you've only dreamt of. She's also a manicurist to the stars who counts Jessica Chastaine, Camila Cabello, Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner, and Selena Gomez in her regular rotation of star-studded clientele.

Since she's constantly working with celebrities and campaigns, Kandalec also has a wealth of knowledge on all things nail trends. While she was doing my nails, I asked her every question under the sun about trends. One thing I was curious about (and I know everyone else is, too): What will be the next It nail color?

According to Kandalec, the answer is simple: lilac. The perfect color as the months get warmer, lilac is the ideal way to add a subtle pop to your fingertips. "As fans of Bridgerton know, lilac has huge meaning for the show," says Kandalec. "Like with most über-popular TV shows (ever heard of Euphoria?), beauty trends are wildly popular due to what the characters are wearing."

Plus, lilac is also endlessly wearable and flattering. "Lilac is incredibly easy to wear on a multitude of skin tones," Kandalec says.

Below, I've rounded up some of this season's best lilac nail polishes, including picks from Kandalec herself. Who knows? You just might see one of these polishes on your favorite celebrity's nails soon.

This is one of Kandalec's favorite colors for the season. It's "more in the periwinkle family, in a playful, customizable coverage for maximum wear options," she shares. The subtle shimmer makes it both fun and wearable. 

Kandalec says that the addition of holographic shimmer helps give polishes a bit more depth. This dreamy lavender shade looks good on everyone. 

"If you are unsure, a jelly lilac can be an easier way to sample the trend, like Zoya Libby," says Kandelec. Jelly nail polish is a great way to get a sheer, buildable wash of color that leaves your nails looking like hard candy in the best way possible. 

Chock-full of antioxidants that are good for your nails and cuticles, this polish also gives your fingertips a glassy veil of creamy, pale violet. 

In my mind, OPI's "Do You Lilac It?" is the ultimate lilac shade. Whenever I think of lilac polish, this one comes to mind both for its clever, catchy name and its gorgeous, chip-resistant color. 

This pink-leaning lilac screams "springtime in Paris." As the name implies, it's best worn with a piece of crusty bread in hand.

This moody lilac is perfect for you if you want a bit more of a subdued take on the color trend. 

This polish is not only 73% plant-based but also long-wearing and a true, opaque lilac. 

Opt for an iridescent lilac for the prettiest, most ethereal fingertips.



This shade of lilac leans slightly blue. Like all Olive & June polishes, it lasts a long time without chipping. 



If you shy away from bright colors, this dusty lilac shade is the perfect way to make your nails pop without being overwhelming. 

It's tough to beat this sunny, ultra-pigmented shade of purple that's perfect for hotter weather. 

This Sally Hansen polish is a dreamy shade of lilac, and it's only $5, which is something I can get behind.