French Girls Are All Over These Under-$100 Trends

Lately, I’ve noticed a bit of a style shift among the French women I follow on Instagram. The classic items we know as quintessentially French are still present—think striped shirts and ballet flats—yet, there’s something new added to the mix. Yes, I think the French set is getting trendy up in here. What I have fondly dubbed “trend spread” is bound to happen when we’re all drinking from the same Instagram fashion well. Yet there are still French nuances to the expression of the same trends we’re seeing stateside. There’s a slightly subtler approach, whether they’re taking on bold trends like color clashing and leopard or more understated ones like polka dots and basket bags. Scroll down to see what I mean and shop the affordable pieces I’m snapping up to try trends the French way.

Bold Color Pairings

A discret color palette is no longer the epitome of chic, as French women are experimenting with the bold color trend. We love power clashing stateside, and it seems to be catching on there too.


Leopard is a pretty in-your-face trend, but that isn’t stopping many French women from trying the look. It seems the cult status of faux French brand Réalisation Par’s slip skirt may have had something to do with the popularity. The now sold-out piece was just restocked days ago!

Square Neckline

We are obsessed with square necklines in the U.S., and it makes perfect sense that the French are too. After all, there is a Marie Antoinette sensibility to the style.

Contrast Buttons

This is a bit more of a sleeper trend, but it seems to have captured the imaginations of France’s most stylish set. You can get the look easily yourself by swapping out understated, tonal buttons for larger contrasting ones.

Basket Bags

basket bag on a French girl is a tale as old as time. There’s nothing new here, but we included it to remind you that they’re still trending. 

Polka Dots

It seems the French are just as susceptible to the trends Jacquemus sets as we are in the U.S. It’s confirmed that the polka-dot renaissance sparked by the French designer is still going strong.

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