7 French Women With Particularly Good Skin on the Products They Swear By

There’s no doubt we here at Who What Wear are bonafide francophiles. If you’re an avid reader of the site, you know we wax lyrical about the effortless and insouciant French woman’s wardrobe—from the basics they always have handy to the lingerie brands they swear by. But today we’re honing in on French women’s beauty routines—in particular, their skincare, a subject worthy of our utmost attention.

The natural ease of a French woman’s skincare routine is one to be admired. From the prized products at their beloved pharmacie, (which you can now, for the most part, find on Amazon) to the little-known brands many of us here in the U.S. may never have heard of, French women have a certain way of getting the most sultry, effortless elegance out of the fewest products possible.

Eager to know more about their revered skincare routine, we tapped seven French women with particularly good skin and asked them to share their favorite skincare products, tips, and tricks. Scroll below for the items they swear by.

Louise Follain: @louisefollain

My favorite brands are Oh My Cream! and Angela Caglia. I love all their products, but Oh My Cream's makeup removal balm and Angela Caglia's the Great Detox Serum are my absolute favorites.

"And I love this cleanser—it leaves skin silky soft."

Estelle Chemouny: @estellechemouny

"When it comes to beauty, I love to try everything, but these are my magic products. I put on Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair on every night before my night cream—The Rich Cream by Augustinus Bader. These two products have changed my skin radically. I am a smoker, and my skin tends to be dry and have a grayish hue, but thanks to these, I get my back my baby skin!"

"I also have some affordable beauty secrets: Three times a week, I put a mixture of apple cider vinegar and lemon all over my face that I keep on for 30 mins. It helps regenerate and remove my small dark spots. Since I've done this, my skin looks more clear and even."

"My last skincare secret—Vaseline! I cannot live without my little Vaseline pot, I put it on several times a day around my eyes and on my lips. I really do believe it is the best anti-aging product!"

Claire Most: @claire_most

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"I'm obsessed with this and literally can’t live without it. You don’t need to apply too much—dab onto your lips and it keeps them extra moisturized for hours."

"I am always looking to achieve a luminous glow, and this mask definitely helps. It smells so good I could seriously eat it!" 

"We forget a lot about the eye area, but when you apply your concealer onto dry skin, it’s definitely not the best. The texture of this eye cream is kind of watery, so I was a little surprised when I applied it for the first time, but I absolutely love it." 

"I use it every night, and it removes all the impurities from the day. My skin feels super clean after." 

Clémentine Desseaux: @bonjourclem

"Not only does it smell like my childhood, but the texture is so silky it makes my skin super soft and glowing.”

"I have been a fan of Odiele since the very start and I firmly believe this serum is the one to thank for my healthy skin!”

"It literally, visibly, cures my lips minutes after I apply it—a real life saver!”

Anne-Victorie Lefevre: @vikilefevre

"I have dry skin, so I use this on my cheeks every day. I love the fact there is no perfume. And I'm really used to the brand— I have all its products—thermal water spray, makeup remover… the list goes on!"

"I put this eye cream on every morning and before going to bed at night. It gets rid of puffiness and moisturizes the fragile area. I have sensitive skin and this one is really gentle."

Chloé Harrouche: @louloudesaison 

"Biologique Recherche products—particularly the Creme Masque Vernix—and Augustine Bader Rich Cream have changed my skin completely. My skin used to be so dry and sometimes red, but these creams have changed the game for me."

Vanessa Perroud: @vanessa_perroud

"I am a big fan of La Mer products. I change according to the seasons, but I love them all! The brand's new serum, The Concentrate, is amazing."

"These soothing eye patches brighten tired eyes and are my savior after a long day or night out."

"I just discovered Oh My Cream products, and it's a revelation! Especially the makeup remover—it's made of 100% natural coconut and jojoba vegetable oils."