7 French Women With Particularly Good Skin on the Products They Swear By

There’s no doubt we here at Who What Wear are bonafide francophiles. If you’re an avid reader of the site, you know we wax lyrical about the effortless and insouciant French woman’s wardrobe—from the basics they always have handy to the lingerie brands they swear by. But today we’re honing in on French women’s beauty routines—in particular, their skincare, a subject worthy of our utmost attention.

The natural ease of a French woman’s skincare routine is one to be admired. From the prized products at their beloved pharmacie, (which you can now, for the most part, find on Amazon) to the little-known brands many of us here in the U.S. may never have heard of, French women have a certain way of getting the most sultry, effortless elegance out of the fewest products possible.

Eager to know more about their revered skincare routine, we tapped seven French women with particularly good skin and asked them to share their favorite skincare products, tips, and tricks. Scroll below for the items they swear by.