The Jewelry Lines French Girls Know (That You Don't)

There's no denying it: We love French-girl style. There's just a certain way about them that is effortlessly cool. Whether they're bringing back espadrilles or designing sold-out clothing lines, we can't help but follow their every stylish move. So what's the next hack that we can latch onto? It only takes a few scrolls through Instagram to see that nearly all our favorite Parisian fashion girls have a thing for minimalistic jewelry. 

While it's true that this trend isn't exactly confined to French girls, you have probably never heard of the brands they prefer. While American girls may stick to recognizable designers for jewelry, French girls have a knack for discovering the coolest independent jewelry brands. To simplify the process of demystifying French-girl style, we've compiled all the most promising jewelry lines straight off the Instagram feeds of our favorite Parisian influencers. Continue on to see the various jewelry styles that French girls cannot leave home without. 

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