You'd Never Guess the 5 Unexpected Pieces That Cool French Women Own in 2023


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I recently decided to spend a month in Paris, which led me to realize that even though I've dedicated my entire career to the topic of fashion, there is always still so much to learn. Parisians have a way of approaching personal style that is superior to anything that I've seen among the general population back home in the States. And most importantly, Instagram doesn't tell the full story. Based on what I saw while scrolling, I packed for my trip thinking I would be dressing in minimalist staples the entire time. Boy was I wrong. Being introduced to the new cool-girl brand on the block, Mirae is what ended up changing it all.

Mirae is a brand that speaks to the rhetoric that French fashion is nothing like what we think it is. The brand's pieces are filled with loud colors, bold prints, fringe, and embellishments—a scroll through its site left me with many questions about French fashion. During my recent trip to Paris, I sat down with the brand's founder and CEO, Camille Jarmon, and creative director, Maya Chantout, to find out how they define Parisian style.


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Jarmon and Chantout echoed my observation. "Women come to Paris, and they're so disappointed by the reality. They have this made-up image of Paris in their mind, but it's much more than what people think it is," they said. After much discussion on what French style truly is, Chantout left me with a statement that said it all: "It's much more than what people think it is. People here have so many different styles. They're so free. In the street, there are so many different ways of dressing up, so many personalities, but it's still, in a way, effortless. I think that's the French way."

Upon learning this, I wanted to capture the essence of this new definition of French style but didn't know where to begin. The Mirae founders sent over a list of unexpected items that cool French women have in their closets. You'll find them below.

1. Flower Chokers


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"Flower chokers are on all the Parisian girls lately—they're quite the trend. We incorporated them into our shoot for On the Road and have been loving this look. It's unlike anything we've seen in years, and it feels really unique!"

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2. Sport Sunglasses


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"The girls who wear sport sunglasses always look so chic. I love seeing these sunglasses around—you don't see it often, but it's such a statement in the coolest way."

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3. Maxi Skirts


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"We were so surprised to see maxi skirts come back in full force this past year. They're everywhere lately, and we can't help but to love the trend."

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4. Fringe Accessories


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"We've been really loving fringe lately! We try to incorporate it in all our styles. We were so inspired seeing girls in the streets wearing fringe accessories—it took us by surprise, so we started to lean in and design into the look."

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5. Cowboy Boots


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"We love a Western vibe. Cowboy boots are such an unexpected but easy accessory that can totally change the feel of an entire look. We've been seeing these everywhere lately, and they really complete an outfit."

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