The Edgy French-Girl Aesthetic Is Here—5 Pieces That Define the Look

Since the dawn of time, it seems like everyone wants to dress like a French girl. And who can blame them? Whether it's the perfectly imperfectly coiffed hair or relaxed approach to style—there's something highly enigmatic and effortless that makes us all want to capture it for ourselves. 

By now the established archetype has been studied, analyzed, and reported on ad nauseam that we all pretty much understand its key elements: the basket bag, the cropped sweater, slim fitted jeans, mary-jane heels, etc. All those things were the first to pop into my head too until I ran across a group of cool women who've shattered all I thought I knew about French-girl style.

Like the new generation of experimental and adventurous French designers, these tastemakers similarly adopt an edgy take on the classic style with a new array of trends and perspectives—think Marine Serre, Jacquemus, and Coperni. Ahead, I'm running through the five key pieces that define the look, as well as shopping recommendations if you're out to give it a try. 



You can leave the double-breasted wool toppers and classic trench coats alone; the new approach is to embrace unique outerwear that feels almost like a vintage find. Whether its colored faux fur or a leather trench, you'll want to go for something distinctive rather than simplistic.



Matching sets are a girl's best friend—especially if you're French. Vibrant colors, cool patterns, and dramatic silhouettes are on the menu if you're looking to replicate the effortless cool of Paris's fashion crowd.



The popularity of Jacquemus simply can't be ignored, so of course, it makes this list of key pieces to the edgy French-girl aesthetic. The designer has a way of creating pieces that are not only innovative but accentuate and highlight your curves in the best way possible. But not only that, a Le Chiquito is basically the It bag of the decade. 



While this new take on a classic aesthetic is different in many ways, one line of continuity is the importance of a minidress. Styled with cool tights and jeweled heels, it's a less buttoned-up approach to formal dressing.



Risqué cutouts have been trending for a while, and they've made their way into the closets of cool French girls everywhere. Part of its prevalence stems from brands like Jacquemus and Mugler who've featured cutouts heavily within its past few collections.