I'm a Paris-Based Model With an Affinity for Basics—6 I Wear Nonstop

Dispatch from Paris! Let's face it, when are we not looking to our French friends for their expertly styled outfits, wardrobe classics, and overall effortless approach to getting dressed? At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I turned to someone who's become a Who What Wear regular for her classic but on-trend ensembles: Emmanuelle Koffi

To get to the bottom of her A+ style, I surveyed her Instagram feed to see if there were any common themes and what I realized was that there are a handful of clothing basics she seems to always come back to. Keep reading to discover the six French clothing basics that serve as the basis for her ultra-chic wardrobe and glean some inspiration for how she wears each item below.

1. Knee-High Boots

Koffi is a big fan of knee-high boots, a staple she styles with everything from mini skirts to tailored shorts to give her looks an elevated feel.

2. Mid-Blue Jeans

While straight-leg jeans are featured in plenty of her outfits, it was this mid-blue wash that stuck out to me since almost all of her jeans appear to be in this classic color.

3. Cropped Shoulder Bags

When it comes to bags, Koffi definitely has a type. Cropped shoulder bags—aka baguette bags—are her accessory of choice. The '90s silhouette adds the right amount of trend-forward appeal to whatever else she's wearing.

4. Simple Mules

Another simple staple Koffi wears on repeat are simple mules, particularly in plain white or black that serve as the base to so many spring and summer ensembles.

5. Beige Trench Coats

If there's one staple that Koffi manages to style with everything, it's a beige trench coat. Whether she's wearing one with skirts, dresses, or jeans, it's a chic and timeless topper she never overlooks.

6. Cute Cardigans

Even though cropped cardigans started out as a trend, they've officially earned staple status in Koffi's wardrobe. From bright and colorful knits to classic neutrals, it's a Parisian-approved basic that basically styles itself.

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