My Favorite Fenty Beauty Products Are on Sale Right Now, and Yes, I’m Running

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There are definitely a lot of sales that I look forward to throughout the year, but my love for a good beauty sale is a love that knows no bounds. (I'm the type of girl who will stay up until two a.m. watching eye shadow tutorials on YouTube—whoops.) So when I found out that Fenty Beauty was having a sale on some of my favorite products (which literally never happens), I kind of had a mini freakout. Five minutes later, my cart was filled with all the sale products, along with highlighters, eye shadow palettes, and mascaras galore. Hey, don't judge me—I warned you I'm beauty-obsessed! Want to see the items I scored? I highly recommend you keep scrolling.

Sale Items

I’m stocking up on lipstick right now because it’s the one thing that makes me feel a little put-together while I’m stuck at home. And these colors are so good. (One even comes with my favorite highlighter!)


I'm usually pretty picky when it comes to the products that I use on my face (it's always so tough to match my skin color!), but Rihanna had every skin tone in mind when she created Fenty Beauty, so there's no shortage of shades to choose from. Oh, and I can't get over how everything feels on my skin.


You know when your highlighter glow shows up in a selfie, and for a brief second, everything feels right in the world? Yeah, I have that feeling every time I wear Fenty Beauty highlighter (and the body luminizer). Oh, and when I combine it with some blush? *Chef's kiss.*


My favorite part of any makeup look is the eyes, no question. Whether it's just a little mascara or a full-on look, I think having something on your eyes completes the whole face. Below are a few of my go-tos.


I am obsessed with lip gloss (I dedicate a whole beauty drawer to them!) and Fenty Beauty's selection is kind of incredible. Not only are the colors gorgeous, but they're also the perfect consistency.

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