The Affordable Basics French Girls Secretly Love


Style du Monde

There’s no question that we look to French girls for fashion inspiration. They somehow manage to always appear effortless while still looking on trend and cool. There’s no better example of this than how they style closet basics. Wearing a simple T-shirt and pair of jeans, they can still look like the best dressed person in the room. So this made us curious. What are their go-to wardrobe staples? Specifically, what are the affordable basics they wear over and over again?

We posed this question to four cool French girls who continue to work well-cut basics into their wardrobes. Ahead they’re sharing the inexpensive pieces in their closets that they swear by. One interesting observation we made from their responses: Uniqlo is a favorite among French girls. Three out of four included a pick from the retailer. So if you want to tap into Parisian style, you might want to browse through its pieces.

Keep reading to see the affordable basics French girls secretly love.