TikTok Helped Me Crowdsource 6 Sneakers That Will Be Huge This Spring


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If there's anyone you should be asking about 2024 trends, it should be the Gen Z crowd. I'm an avid TikTok user, and although I hate to admit it, I start most of my days scrolling through the site. I recently stumbled across a video that I just had to share asking users what shoes they're wearing for spring.

The comment section was filled with responses, and I noted them all. As I looked closely through the comments, I noticed one common theme. It seems that everyone is on the hunt for a good pair of sneakers this spring. There's really not a better time of year to invest in this wardrobe staple since the snow and bad weather have started to melt away. The most notable entries lie below. These are the six sneakers that you need to shop according to TikTok users.

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The sneakers that are loved by the fashion crowd have entered streetwear-lover territory. By this, I mean this pair sells out immediately as if they were signed by Michael Jordan himself. They're now being resold for upward of $1000, so if you can get your hands on them, I'm highly impressed.

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No matter what happens in this world, there will always be a Converse Chuck Taylor resurgence waiting for us on the other end. If you've held on to this pair of shoes since high school, you're in luck because I reordered them about a year ago wishing I still had my old distressed pair. They're just right on track for the indie-sleaze vibe we're after.

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I still love my Sambas and highly suggest wearing yours, but if you're already looking for what's next, I suggest trying out the Adidas Spezial sneakers. Something about the suede and leather combination on these shoes is so good to me and still strikingly similar to the classic sambas that we love.

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A much more accessible take on an It sneaker is the Onitsuka. It has a style and flair about it that made me immediately ask someone where they got it from the first time I saw this sneaker out and about.

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Whoever said Palermos will be the new Sambas was right. With Dua Lipa as the face of the shoes and their recent runway debut, I'm betting on this style. The number of color combinations you can find is endless, and I'm so here for that.

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New Balance created an iconic shape and logo that simply never grows old. Lately, its 480 sneakers have struck a cord with both fashion people and TikTok users alike. Let's see what spring 2024 does for them.

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