From Sambas to SL 72s—These Are the 4 Trending Adidas Trainers You Need to Know About

In the world of fashion, it’s rare for an item to become an It piece genuinely. You know, the one hot thing everyone is talking about, features on every fashion person's wish list and eventually becomes harder to track down than Birkin bag? For only a handful of brands, an item will reach this It status and become a defining part of the brand and its legacy. Fewer still will bring out cult favourite after cult favourite in the way that Adidas has in the past few seasons.

Last year, the Samba was cemented as the shoe to have, and finding an in-stock pair was a part-time job in itself. Then, the Spezial began gaining traction for its similar streamlined silhouette as well as the versatility of colourways that tapped into fashion’s movement to colourful accessories. At the same time, we noticed the adoration of the humble Gazelles beginning to grow, as well as the reissued SL 72’s making their way into every fashion person’s collection. A true feat in itself, we felt it high time we explored the four trending Adidas trainers that have once again cemented the brand as the go-to for fresh footwear.

Four woman wearing Adidas trainers

Adidas has managed to set itself apart from all other trainers around by leaning into the pared-back aesthetic that has taken hold of fashion in recent seasons—the streamlined silhouettes of these reissued legacy shoes are perfectly primed to do well. The shapes are versatile, pairing with everything from tailoring to denim, to spring-ready dresses thanks to their understated feel.

Alongside, another trend has grown in tandem to the minimalist wave, and that's the adoration of bold shades. We first spotted it last year, when vibrant shades of red once again entered the fashion sphere in line with the festive season, but this time the shade was bold and brilliant, rather than the regularly muted winter wash. Since then, standout colours have continued to thrive in footwear, with everything from metallics to vibrant shades catching the eye of fashion people. And naturally, Adidas tapped in.

Instead of creating a brand new shoe to take on these two key trends of the season, Adidas has turned back to the classics, another focal point in fashion right now. Leading with heritage designs that have been reissued adds authenticity to each creation, with an innate retro feel and sporty edge that makes each shoe feel supremely laid-back, regardless of the bold shade. So, let's get into them, shall we?


Woman outside coffee shop in grey jumper, black jeans and white trainers

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Style Notes: A common theme throughout these trending trainers is the sporty feel. Whilst originally designed for football, it's the low-key silhouette that makes this pair a timeless addition to any wardrobe. These fit true to size, according to junior beauty editor, Grace Lindsay.


Woman wears cream jumper, cream skirt and blue trainers

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Style Notes: A similar shape to the Samba's, the Adidas Spezial's are known for their variety of colourful shades and suede finish. The light blue shade has made its way into my collection, so I can confirm that they are seriously comfortable and true to size.


Woman weas knit jumper, satin trousers and brown suede bag

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Style Notes: Originally launched as a running shoe in 1972, this shoe has been adapted by fashion people as a relaxed finish to everyday outfits. Even celebrities like Bella Hadid are fans of the slightly sporty design. Our fashion editor, Remy Farrell, owns a pair and said "When I first saw the slim silhouette I assumed I would have to size up, but my usual size was the perfect fit".


Woman wears patchwork denim jacket and jeans, and yellow trainers

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Style Notes: With decades of history, the Gazelles were quickly integrated into the fashion sphere. With a simplistic design and comfortable fit, this trainer has continually been reinvented by Adidas thanks to its popularity.


Florrie Alexander
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