Ask Any Fashion Person—This Trainer Trend Will Rival Sambas This Summer

If you step outside in London on any given day you'll likely catch sight of a few things. You'll probably come across a stressed commuter or two, you're certain to spot the odd improperly disposed of Greggs packet, and without a doubt you'll run into a healthy handful of stylish people wearing Salomon trainers.

Influencer wears Salomon trainers.

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Although the Adidas Samba trend swept the city in a major way this season, this quieter trainer trend has been slowly stealing fashion hearts, too. Beloved by those who favour a sportier, more outdoorsy edge, these chunky trainers feature a thick sole, drawstring closure and angular detailing that culminates in a hiking shoe-adjacent style that the city's coolest can't resist.

Influencer wears Salomon trainers.

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A well-timed palette cleanser after years of Samba supremacy, these trainers marry comfort with style, meaning that they naturally appeal to city dwellers who often rack up a step count in the tens of thousands.

Specialising in outdoor gear including ski equipment and hiking paraphernalia, the Salomon brand prioritises comfort and performance throughout designs, and luckily for tired feet, their footwear collection upholds this quality.

Influencer wears Salomon trainers.

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Transcending the hiking trails that launched the footwear trend, the sneakers continue to grow in popularity across London, Paris and New York. Although they've available in a wide range of styles, I've spotted three key silhouettes during most of my recent outings.

To shop the Salomon trainers that Londoner's can't stop wearing, read on to discover our edit of the best styles below.

Influencer wears Salomon trainers.

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