10 Fashion Rules to Break This Holiday Season

Steer your rebellious side toward your wardrobe because we have the fashion rules you should totally toss this holiday season. From ditching the glitzy jewels to wearing overalls to a fancy event, it’s time to set your own guidelines. Continue reading to say goodbye to these dull style rules now. 

The Rule: You can’t wear flats with a formal dress.


Style Du Monde

Break the rule by balancing a feminine dress with menswear-inspired lace-up flats. 

The Rule: Overalls aren’t evening-appropriate.


Look de Pernille

Dress your sleek black overalls up with a pair of fancy heels and a fitted top. 

The Rule: Turtlenecks are always conservative.


Pandora Sykes

Take a note from this look and style a body-con turtleneck with a miniskirt and statement outerwear for a completely daring look. 

The Rule: Sequins are a holiday party must.


The Styleograph

You don’t have to dazzle at every party. Instead try something with fringe or feathers for an equally eye-catching and festive element. 

The Rule: Party outfits always require sparkly baubles.



If you don’t want to completely do away with statement jewellery, we suggest opting for something sleek and shiny or layers of dainty jewels.

The Rule: Belts belong with your pants.



Try something more interesting, like belting your outerwear. Need more ideas? Look to Olivia Palermo for unique ways to style a belt.

The Rule: Avoid head-to-toe white in the winter.


The Urban Spotter

Mix different shades of white and off-white for the perfect day-to-night look. 

The Rule: Holiday sweaters are always cheesy.


Collage Vintage

Break this rule by shopping the 11 festive sweaters we’re actually excited to wear. 

The Rule: Jeans cuffs must match perfectly.


A Love Is Blind

We’re all about a laid-back, effortless look so we suggest breaking this rule as often as you can. Go for a messy un-done cuff instead. 

The Rule: Clutches are only for nights out.


Fashion Me Now

You’ve already consolidated your belongings to fit into the sleek bag, so why not carry it in the daytime, too?

Which style rules will YOU break this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below!