4 Fashion "Mistakes" I'm Leaving Behind in 2019

It seems like each New Year I make the resolution to dress better but then fall off the wagon and revert to my favorite jeans-and-tee outfit sometime after February. Well, this year, I mean it. To help me stick to my resolution, I thought it might be helpful to identify the common fashion "mistakes" that I (and many others) probably make over and over again. Pinpointing these will keep them top of mind come January 1.

I polled my fellow editors to find out what "mistake" they want to leave in 2019 to help propel me toward a chicer new year, and I figured they were worth sharing since they're pretty relatable. Below are the four fashion habits we're putting a stop to in 2020, and what we plan on doing instead.

1. Completely Avoiding Color

"I basically live in all black. My daily uniform basically consists of black jeans, a coordinating sweater, a moto jacket, and black boots. While this look makes me feel comfortable and confident, I know infusing a little color into my wardrobe wouldn't hurt. So I'd say the mistake I'm leaving behind in 2019 is being totally averse to color. I'm interested in testing out some curveball hues like purple and orange next year."—Bobby Schuessler, market editor

Colored pieces aren't scary when the hues are this pretty.

Just pair with high-waisted jeans and your outfit is done.

This color is going to be everywhere in 2020.

2. Not Paying Attention to Proportions

"Next year, I'm making a more conscious decision to balance out the proportions of my outfit. While in the past I might have gone for the clunky shoes when wearing something oversized (as evidenced here), I want to break that habit and instead start styling sleeker pieces alongside more voluminous ones to really let the silhouette shine."—Anna LaPlaca, assistant editor

These jeans pair perfectly with a sleek pair of shoes.

The mock croc makes these look so luxe.

The perfect companion for tailored trousers.

A streamlined skirt looks chic with a voluminous top. 

The cinched waist balances our the volume in this blazer. 

3. Investing in Impractical Pieces

"In 2020, I want to be a bit smarter about my winter investments. Since I live in L.A., I really only need basics for cold weather, but I'm always tempted to go out on a limb and invest in impractical trends like a white faux-fur coat that I'll only wear a couple of times a year. Instead, I want to only buy versatile pieces like black coats and sleek trousers."—Erin Fitzpatricks, senior news editor

Tailored trousers are always a good idea.

A chic blazer is something you'll wear all the time. 

4. Ignoring Practicality Altogether

"The mistake I can't seem to quit (yet) is getting dressed to suit my whims and throwing practicality to the wind. Blame it on my Sagittarius and Aries in my chart, but I am a sucker for instant gratification. If I want to wear a certain outfit that day, I'm going to wear it! In the pictured case, I wore a leather dress on a blazing hot day in July. My natural deodorant was no match. I knew this would be the case, but I wore the dress anyway and I still can't get the odor out of the armpits. I probably would have worn it in the rain, too, if the mood struck! I can think of countless other examples: wearing a spaghetti strap dress to a brisk outdoor wedding in late October and wearing an uncomfortable suit to a panel where adjusting my outfit took away from my focus. In 2020, I look forward to caring for my own comfort a bit more, and realizing that even if the outfit looks banging, if I don't feel equally as good, it doesn't matter."—Kat Collings, Who What Wear editor in chief

I already own this bag and it's the best work bag ever. It fits your laptop seamlessly and leaves room for everything else you'll need for the day. Oh, and it just happens to look ultra-polished as well. 

A basic jean is one of the most practical and versatile pieces you could wear. 

The long shoulder strap makes this one of the most practical bag styles out there.

Polished, comfortable sneakers are a very practical investment.

Boots with a low block heel are much more practical for walking around in than a skinny stiletto.

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