How Fashion Girls Are Wearing White After Labor Day

In case you haven't noticed, we're overdue for doing away with the antiquated notion that it's taboo to wear white after Labor Day. There's no better time to ditch the myth. Sensibilities have changed and not only is stepping out in white long after summer's end no longer a no-no, it's completely encouraged—and quite on trend. 

Bright whites are a breath of fresh air as the temperatures cool with fall. When transitioning from breezy pickings into autumn-appropriate whites, it's all about fabric and silhouette. Stow away summery eyelets and linens in favor of heavier fabrics like wool, cashmere, denim, and leather.

Let whites as crisp as autumn afternoons punctuate this season's uniform as a clean statement staple that goes with anything. Allow well-curated white pieces a place in your wardrobe, and begin looking forward to all the ways to wear them this fall (and start getting excited for the winter whites we have to look forward to on the horizon). 

Keep scrolling to see a persuasive lineup of style stars proving the old rule wrong.