The Internet Has Spoken—These Are the Top 5 It Items of the Month

Trends emerge at the speed of light these days, so to keep you up to date on what the fashion crowd is wearing and posting about, we're launching a new series that highlights all the It pieces currently flooding our Instagram feeds. Each month, we'll walk you through the items that have swiftly made the rounds on Instagram, earning them It status.

Remember the last time we did this roundup? If not, let me break it down. If you're familiar with this story, then simply continue on to get your download on the coolest pieces in the fashion world right now. If you're new here, you can consider this story your monthly cheat sheet on the most popular fashion items on Instagram (and across the internet, for that matter). We've spotted the following bags, shoes, and clothing items on the more than one of the many fashion insiders we love to follow, so we're taking it upon ourselves to report on the emerging It items. Keep reading to discover the defining pieces of October.

1. Wandler Georgia Bag

We pointed out before just how much traction Wandler's new It bag got during fashion month (and shared the street style images as evidence), but one more time couldn't hurt. The sleek, structured shoulder bag comes in an array of enticing colorways, form zebra print to croc embossing, making it feel very now.

Wandler Georgia Bag street style



Wandler Georgia Bag



2. Simon Miller Raid Boots

There are platforms and then there are platforms. With so many shoes getting a lift this fall, Simon Miller's sky-high Raid boots are standing above the rest (pun intended). The exaggerated 2.25-inch platform sole makes them instantly recognizable.

3. The Frankie Shop Linen Trousers

When I began putting together this monthly highlight reel of fashion's favorite insider pieces, I never thought that a pair of plain tailored trousers would make the list considering they're more of a "boring" essential than a trendy It piece. Alas, the Frankie Shop has a knack for making wardrobe staples like this look cool beyond belief, and the rest of the fashion world seems to agree with me here since its high-waisted linen trousers made several cameos on the street style scene during fashion week.

4. Alessandra Rich Cropped Cardigan

This adorable cropped cardigan isn't actually a new item, but now that we're knee-deep in sweater weather, the It piece suddenly feels very current. Kendall Jenner along with several fashion insiders are fans of the purple floral-embroidered knit.

Kendall Jenner Alessandra Rich cardigan



5. Louis Vuitton Multi-Pochette Bag

You've definitely spotted Louis Vuitton's newest bag already—it's been making quite the splash on Instagram these days. We called for the death of the crossbody bag not too long ago seeing so many shoulder bags instead, but we're honestly happy to be proven wrong if it's a crossbody that looks this cool.

Next up: The five micro-trends that are about to blow up this month.

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