I Spot Micro-Trends Like It's My Job—Here Are 5 That Are About to Blow Up

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Welcome to Micro-Trends. In this series, I'm zeroing in on the hyper-specific iterations of what's trending at large, and I've become somewhat of an expert at spotting them. (Okay, it's basically a pastime of mine at this point.) Once you discover this month's micro-trends, consider yourself an insider.

As a digital fashion editor, much of my day involves perusing the new-arrivals sections of my favorite online shopping destinations to source the coolest new pieces for my stories here on Who What Wear. As you can probably imagine, it's both a blessing and a curse. While on the one hand, I'm acutely aware of the holes in my own closet, on the flip side, I'm able to spot trends before they fully emerge on the fashion scene and chart their path from micro to major trend.

After hours of online shopping (all in the name of research!), I'm sharing the micro-trends on my radar at the moment. I've spotted these pieces on the feeds of the most influential women I know and stocked at several key retailers, which tells me that each of these micro-trends is on the brink of becoming huge. From the denim trend that looks so sophisticated to the flannel shirts that will make you nostalgic for 2009, keep reading to see and shop the five micro-trends of the moment.

1. Leather Blazers

With leather separates—especially leather outerwear—trending hard this fall, it makes sense that various iterations on the trend would emerge, but leather blazers are by far the micro-trend I'm most excited about right now. Whether in classic black or a more nontraditional color, they're making me want to put my leather moto jacket aside for the time being (not an easy feat).

leather blazer micro-trend



Style Tip: A standard blazer goes from average to extremely stylish when coated in luxurious leather.

2. Deep-Indigo Denim

Lately, I've been noticing the same dark-indigo wash popping up among my favorite denim brands. The deep-blue shade looks so sophisticated and elevates even the simplest of jean outfits.

indigo denim micro-trend



Style Tip: Choose a pair of jeans with a structured, tailored fit to make the biggest impact with this denim wash.

3. Flannels

Remember that dingy flannel shirt you used to wear in high school? Well, let me introduce you to 2019's flannels. They're equally as cozy yet far chicer. I noticed a huge uptick in the number of fashion girls who incorporated plaid shirts and shirt jackets into their fashion week outfits this year, which tells me that the fall staple is once again back in style.

flannel micro-trend



Style Tip: Wear one of the colors from the checkered print elsewhere in your outfit to pull the whole look together.

4. Pleated Midi Skirts

With the rise of "bourgeois" dressing, more and more classic pieces are emerging, and the latest of them includes these pleated midi skirts. Defined by accordion pleats, neutral color palettes, and an asymmetric hemline, these skirts are definitely trendy, but they also have a timeless quality to them.

5. Printed Turtlenecks

Turtlenecks are the unsung heroes of our cold-weather wardrobes, but they often don't get the credit they deserve. That all changes this fall thanks to the plethora of statement turtlenecks I'm seeing everywhere lately. Defined by thin, mesh material and unique prints, these are the anti-boring layering pieces you need. Wear them under sleeveless dresses or tuck them into jeans; the possibilities are endless with this micro-trend.

printed turtlenecks micro-trend



Style Tip: Tuck a thin turtleneck into wide-leg pants.

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