The Internet Has Spoken—These Are the Top 4 It Items of the Month

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Trends emerge at the speed of light these days, so to keep you up to date on what the fashion crowd is wearing and posting about, we're launching a new series that highlights all the It pieces currently flooding our Instagram feeds. Each month, we'll walk you through the items that have swiftly made the rounds on Instagram, earning them It status.

They say three's a crowd, right? Well, in the world of fashion Instagram, three people are enough to constitute a veritable trend—er, micro-trend, if you want to get technical. When an item pops up on our feeds once, we double tap. When it shows up twice, we make a mental note of it. By the third, fourth, and fifth time we spot the same bag, shoe, or clothing item on the fashion insiders we love to follow, we take it upon ourselves to report on the emerging trend.

With that in mind, I've curated a selection of the top fashion trends on Instagram I've spotted already this August. In the below roundup, you'll discover pieces like the square-toe shoes that fashion girls are losing their minds over and the Réalisation number that's the stuff of summer dress dreams. Once you discover each of these items, you can basically call yourself an insider. Keep reading to discover the defining pieces of the month.

4. Loewe Paula Sunglasses

It would hardly be summer without a pair of It sunglasses to lust after, and the fashion crowd has unanimously decided upon this retro pair from Loewe. The rectangular shades are offered in colors like bright yellow, red, and pink make for a truly bold look.

3. Réalisation Rosalita Dress

Réalisation knows a thing or two about making dreamy dresses everyone wants to wear. One of its newest styles is the Rosalita dress that features a delicate strawberry print and romantic gathered neckline. It's quickly found its way into the summer wardrobes of fashion girls everywhere.

2. Wandler Square-Toe Mules

Square-toe shoes are shaping up to be the defining shoe trend for fall (if not all of 2019), and leading the pack are these ultra-square toe mules from Wandler that virtually became It shoes the minute they were released (yep, they're that good).

1. Bottega Veneta Pouch

The fashion world has a new It bag, and funny enough, it's not a shoulder bag or crossbody but a clutch. The new bag shape from Bottega Veneta is quickly taking over the fashion scene, and we can't scroll through Instagram for more than a few moments without coming across its distinct shape.