I Asked My Stylish NYC Friends Which Zara Items They Love—These 31 Made the Cut

One of the best things about having fashion-loving friends is not only that we share a love of all things fashion, beauty, and interior design but that every time we have a dinner, a night out, a birthday celebration, or a girls trip, I know that it's going to be like attending a mini fashion show. One where I get to see my stylish friends put together their best looks, and I've got to say I'm always impressed by what my friends have put together. Just recently, a few of my friends and I traveled to Miami to celebrate two of the Cancers in our group having birthdays right after one another and the outfits they brought were next-level. While we all are fashion lovers we don't all have the same sense of style (and if we did, what fun would that be?).

First, in my stylish group of friends, we have Michelle, a Gen Z fashion girl who works in PR, who I actually went to fashion school with. I would describe her style as an elevated, ultra-chic goth Barbie with a touch of Julia Fox. Michelle is not afraid when it comes to her wardrobe and loves to incorporate risque elements into her looks. 

Pascal, on the other hand, is all about an elevated French-girl vibe, and as a data analyst for Coach and previously working for Ellie Sabb and Saint Laurent, she often looks like she just stepped off a Jacquemus runway show. She's on the taller side, so she loves to embrace mini hemlines to show her legs off (I would too.)

Then we have Diana, who I met while working for Nordstrom in Los Angeles. She ran our store's designer department, and to say she looked the part was an understatement. She always looks glamorous, put together, and very New York City, she now works as an interior design firm manager for Restoration Hardware, where she uses her fashionable eye to help bring to life stylish and elegant spaces.

Lastly, we have Eileen, the most stylish account manager I've ever seen. Her vibe is always polished, feminine, and she doesn't shy away from a fun accessory, especially a sparkly heel. She also has a collection of some of the coolest vintage sunglasses and bags. I, on the other hand, dress like a Gen Z mix of all four Sex and the City characters, I'm definitely not afraid to stand out, and my wardrobe reflects that. I also let my mood dictate my outfit for the day.

Even though all five of us are all over the board when it comes to our personal aesthetics, we all agree that when we need a quick fashion fix, we run to the nearest Zara as fast as we can. To my surprise, when we all were looking through our online carts, there was plenty of overlap of chic miniskirts and dresses that are guaranteed to turn heads. 

Keep scrolling to see the 31 items we all want in our closets.

This two-piece set is the perfect end of summer look. 

Style with the matching top above.

Major heart eyes for this draped top. 

This halter top would be in Diana or Michelles closet. 

This sparkly mesh bag would be passed around my whole friend groups wardrobe. 

I always gravitate towards a strappy heel. 

This corset top has me and Diana written all over it. 

I can't get enough of all things beaded lately. 

Style this with a simple bodysuit and sandals. 

I think Pascal would approve of this linen blazer-and-pants set.

I can see Diana adding this to her cart as we speak. 

I'm so into the Y2K vibes. Pascal actually wore something similar to this while we were on vacation. 

Pair with straight-leg jeans and a chic top for meeting friends for drinks. 

I basically live in ribbed T-shirts.

Eileen would look so good in this top. 

I'm obsessing over this fabric. 

Style with lace up strappy heels and gold earrings. 

Already eyeing boots for fall. Michelle would rock these. 

Bringing the platform trend into fall with us. 

I'm sure me, Diana, and Pascal would fight over who gets to wear this bag first.

I've been eyeing this bodysuit for a long time now. I think it's time I purchase.