What a Fashion Editor's Salary Can Get You in NYC

We’ve highlighted the real salaries of fashion editors in the past, and many of you said the actual numbers were much lower than you expected. With that in mind, what can fashion editor salaries actually get you in New York City (where the majority of the industry lives)? Well, we did some digging to figure out just what you can get in NYC at different career levels.

We used reports from Glassdoor to find the average salaries of anonymous Condé Nast employees, used Prime Pay to figure out what those salaries are after taxes, and turned to the site Credit Counseling to determine that you should spend roughly 30% of your salary (after taxes!) on housing, 15% on food, and 5% on clothing. (Note we did not take into account transportation, utilities, and savings into this consideration for this specific piece).

Below, scope out our diagrams that show what an editorial assistant, associate editor, editor, senior editor, and director can spend per month to live in the Big Apple. The numbers may actually shock you. (Note that the suggestions for how editors should budget are general and just rough estimates).

Keep scrolling to see what it’s really like to live like a fashion editor. And ask yourself—how did Carrie Bradshaw live in on the Upper East Side as a freelance writer? Plus, go a bit further to shop items NYC editors would love.