You're In—You're Out: Everything You Need to Know About Color Trends in 2024


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Welcome to your 2024 color download. Sorry to Pantone, but while its hue of the year—Peach Fuzz—is a pretty shade, we're going in a decidedly different direction with our trend reporting. If you want to know about what will really be hot in the fashion world, then you've come to the right place. After analyzing the spring/summer 2024 collections, we spotted several key themes that we can already say with certainty will come to define the upcoming season and the year at large.

As with any fresh batch of trends that arrives, there will inevitably be a decline in several more that have served their time. Out with the old, and in with the new, right? While you should prepare to see a range of new-season shades like icy blush, rich espresso bean, and brooding burgundy, we should warn you that you may notice a decline in a few not-as-fresh colors too. 

Ahead, discover the fashion color trends that are in for 2024—they're the ones you'll see in every street style gallery during fashion month, stocked on every virtual shelf, and sported by all your in-the-know friends—and, consequently, which outdated hues we're officially phasing out.


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While there's no doubt that each and every one of Margot Robbie's fuchsia looks is stunning, I think it's safe to say that 2024 marks the decline of the hot-pink Barbie aesthetic that was so in demand last year. Instead, the pink we'll all reach for is a shade we're calling icy blush. The cool-toned pink is a barely-there wash of color that taps into the girlhood-coded aesthetics that everyone is talking about on social media. Satin is a big theme with this color as well, per the Altuzarra and Jil Sander runways, which only enhances the delicate nature of this pretty pink.

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Just as the bright-red color trend is reaching its peak, designers are already conspiring on its successor. Don't get us wrong—we don't see the red trend going anywhere any time soon. Our editors have personally invested in it, but this past fashion month, designers posed a united front on a new It color that feels like a fresh evolution of the red theme that we're seeing play out on the street style scene. Meet the shade we're calling black cherry, a deep red that ranges from burgundy to oxblood and is just oozing with an aura of wealth, status, and power.

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We can't remember the last time we heard the phrase "stick-of-butter dressing," so we think it's safe to say its heyday is officially over. It was definitely a chic look, but the 2024 answer to monochromatic dressing comes in the form of another edible theme: espresso bean. On October 22, stylist Dani Michelle captioned an image of Hailey Bieber in a head-to-toe brown outfit with "espresso fall." As soon as the term floated onto our radar, we noticed it up and down the runways, where designers such as Alaïa and Ferragamo sent out models in the rich shade.

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Calling all statement makers. Despite the influx of toned-down neutrals this year, there's still something on the menu for anyone who gravitates toward bright and bold colors. In the past, that may have looked like aquamarine or even tangerine or lime, but such a bright blue is being replaced by deeper, but no less saturated, cobalt. Designers added cobalt-blue separates in the form of a jacket, top, or skirt that had a striking effect when paired with brown or gray. 

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The all-black-everything look is one we know many of you swear by no matter the season or year, but as far as runway trends are concerned, 2024 is ushering in the era of the groutfit. That's right—cool gray tones are about to invade, and they're especially corporate coded in tailored silhouettes like blazers and skirt suits.

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In 2024, electric-tinged colors are being thrown in the wash cycle for an icy, barely-there finish. Just like the icy blush pink we discussed above, green tones are going through the same transformation with an influx of what we're naming watercress for its watery, almost translucent shade. On the other hand, it means that zingy lime green may be finally on the decline after its years-long dominance.

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If the quiet-luxury look was defined by soothing shades of beige and camel, then 2024 will be defined by another old money color palette: navy. Navy is a neutral we haven't seen much of in recent seasons, but this year is bringing it back in a major way. Think navy blazers that recall prep-school uniforms and striped navy sweaters that look like they belong on a yacht. Signaling wealth through our clothes isn't a theme that will go away this year. Instead, it's simply shifting gears toward a more academic, nerdy route.

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