7 Things My Friends and Sisters Asked Me to Help Them Find for Fall


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To be honest, when I first thought of reaching out to my sisters and friends to help them with their fall shopping needs, I thought it would be a breeze. After all, it makes sense that finding certain things on the highly saturated e-commerce space could be hard for the average consumer, but me? I’m a pro! How long could it really take for someone who does this all day for a living?

Well, folks, the answer is quite a while! From my sister Tiffany’s dresses-to-wear-with-boots request to my friend Lauren’s need for cool maternity wear, I understand why they had to ask for help because it seems that some fall finds don’t even come easily to me. Nonetheless, I couldn’t leave them high and dry, so I persisted. To see and shop the seven things I found for them (and now you), just keep scrolling.

1. Comfortable Ankle Boots 

"For fall, I need (at least) one good pair of comfortable ankle boots I can run after my kids in all day but still look good." — Jessica, sister 

2. Pre-Styled Sweaters 

"I read somewhere that it's going to be in style to wear a sweater with another sweater wrapped around it. I don't know if they're making decoy sleeves to tie over your shoulders or if people are just buying two sweaters to wear together or what, but I need help figuring that out." — Alanna, friend 

3. Dresses to Wear With Boots 

"I love wearing dresses all year round, but it's always hard for me to find ones that look good with boots for fall and winter." — Tiffany, sister 

4. Flattering Transitional Pieces 

"I'm three months postpartum and still getting back into the swing of non-maternity dressing. I need some good transitional pieces that are flattering but still on trend for fall." — Jamie, friend

5. Layering Necklaces 

"I need stackable, gold necklaces. It's so hard to find ones that will look good all together!" — Negar, friend 

6. Cool Maternity Clothes 

"I need help finding clothes for pregnancy that are still trendy and cool." — Lauren, friend 

7. Fall Party Dresses 

"I have a few weddings and engagement parties coming up and am having trouble finding cocktail dresses that are unique and flattering." — Jen, friend 

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