I'm a Picky Zara Shopper, and This Is What I'm Buying There for Fall

Copenhagen Street Style


Szymon Brzóska/The Style Stalker

Much like every other girl I know, I’m a big fan of Zara. I love shopping there (both online and in-store) for everything from tops and dresses to sandals and sweaters. However, I like to think that over the years I’ve gotten smarter about buying from the fast-fashion giant. Whereas I used to walk in and almost mindlessly purchase anything I saw there (especially if there was a sale going on) because I felt like it was easy and affordable, I’ve now become a lot more selective about what I’ll spend on and what’s worth the closet space.

This is actually part of a bigger shift in my life toward conscious shopping that encompasses all brands and stores, but it’s made a more noticeable difference when it comes to those lower-priced pieces because they were easier to go for on a whim. So are you curious what this discerning eye is looking at for fall? It’s actually quite a lot—38 items to be exact—but as you’ll soon see, a lot of really strong finds. From outerwear to shoes—trust me when I say don’t skip the shoes!—see and shop my Zara edit for the coming season below.


Houndstooth is a major trend for fall, and I'm ready for a big outerwear moment in the print.

This jacket/dress would look so good with kitten heels.

The layering possibilities are endless.

A slightly oversize, menswear-inspired blazer is something my closet is seriously lacking right now.


This looks way more expensive than its $40 price tag.

Shop the matching Ribbed Midi Skirt  ($50).

Matching sets are perfect outfits to fall back on because they always look put-together.

I can't wait to wear this under all my cardigans. PSA: I'll be buying a lot.

The racer-tank trend does not seem to be going away anytime soon, and a knit version is a great way to make it feel fall-ready.

Of course, you can wear it open, but I love the slightly preppy look of this knit jacket buttoned all the way up.


If you're nervous about trying the pistachio-green trend, an affordable top is a great first step.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has been posting in this top nonstop.

White blouses are a staple in any season, and this new one with statement sleeves and embellished buttons is really speaking to me.

Listen, everyone needs a party top.


The oversize bow makes this simple LBD an amazing party dress.

Wear this everywhere, from work to a party.

Confession: I've been thinking about this dress for weeks.

This dress makes me want to get rid of all my more formfitting ones.


Everyone needs that perfect pair of straight-leg jeans.

The best thing about paper-bag pants is that they are low-key super comfortable.

I'm not much of a trouser person, but this pair with slits is really speaking to me.

Leather pants are always needed for fall, but this season, looser pairs are taking the place of tighter, skinny jean–inspired versions.

Bags & Accessories 

Can you really go wrong with a baguette bag? I don't think so.

An instant upgrade to any outfit.

Yes, it's mini, but since it will look so cool styled with a second bag, it doesn't matter what you can fit in it.

This little shopper will give your simplest outfits a trendy touch.


White heels are the perfect contrast to your otherwise all-black outfits. 

I saw photos of someone wearing these at Copenhagen Fashion Week, and they looked as good as everyone's designer shoes.

If, like me, you love these mules, buy them now so you can get the most use out of them before it gets too cold.

I'm obsessed with this unexpected wedge heel.

Your party outfits will never be the same.

Yes, I'm endorsing these in both colors. How could I not?