I Rarely Wear Neutrals—These Are the 4 Color Trends I'm Excited to Try

Fall 2020 color trends



While neutral hues are certainly trending—especially chocolate brown—there are a variety of vibrant shades that will enter the spotlight in a major way throughout the season. And for Amsterdam-based artist Michelle Amo-Adjei, that invasion of color is very much welcomed. The fashion illustrator (check out her inspiring feed here) actually rarely wears neutrals and has a closet full of electrifying hues. In fact, her IG bio reads: "Serving you with a daily dose of color."

On that note, I thought it could be intriguing to learn the specific fall 2020 color trends Amo-Adjei is particularly excited to try this season. She provided a list of the hues in question along with inspiration imagery showcasing similar shades.

From a rich red to a luscious yellow hue to an energetic pink, the colors Amo-Adjei is coveting below will be sure to strike a chord with you as well. Oh, and if you're shopping at the moment, we're also sharing inspired picks for each if you're ready to jump on these color trends now.

Scarlet Red

Fall 2020 trends: red



"I will definitely be seen in red during fall. It warms the hearts of those around me."—Amo-Adjei

Saffron Yellow

"Yellow is one of my favorite colors, and it's coming with me this season because the fall color palette and yellow is a work of art itself." 

Bright Pink

Fall 2020 trends: hot pink



"In a season full of earth tones, I want to think pink. Just because it's a certain season doesn't mean you have to let go of your favorite color. I'm kindly doing my thing." 

Multicolor Mash-Up

"They say the colors you wear say a lot about you. During fall, I just wanna break the fashion 'rules' and have a fun type of vibe with mixed colors."