What to Keep Out and What to Put Away for Fall

Now that the new season is nearly here and it’s actually starting to feel like it (at least in NYC), we thought it would be a fitting time for a fall overhaul, of sorts, to help you prepare for the upcoming change both in temperature and day-to-day style. By this, we mean storing the items you won’t be using anytime soon, or possibly selling or donating those trendy pieces you’re kind of over to make space for this season’s essentials as well as some possible new trend purchases at the forefront of your closet. After all, why waste good closet real estate on items you don’t plan to wear?

While discerning which pieces go into what category can be at times less obvious, today we’re here to make it almost too easy. All you need to do is continue on through to see which pieces you can put away for now, what to wear in their place for the coming months, and of course our picks of each fall must-have if you want shop some things out.