The Fall Handbag Trends That Are Already Taking Over

Despite our valiant efforts to hold onto summer, we're finally resigning to the fact that we're quickly heading into fall. But aside from the fact that we'll soon be left longing for rosé and the beach, we have to admit we are actually excited about this shift in seasons. While we're slow to admit it's because we're excited to have a reason to do some shopping, well it's true. Currently topping our list are the fall handbag trends we're ready to consider adopting now (and wearing on repeat for months to come).

The usual suspects have all made their way onto the scene. Top handles, minis, and backpacks. However, when it comes to the fall bag trends that are really making a splash, there's a select few (Psst! See below) that have really caught our attention. If you're an accessory fanatic or just a dedicated follower of bags, scroll down for four standout purse picks for autumn.



Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Even though Vogue declared this purse shape a thing of the past, we're still seeing a slew of ladies carrying iterations of the bucket bag, and some of our very favorite brands unveiled versions for fall that we're dying to snag.

Trademark is killing the accessory game; this leather bag is no exception.

Everything would be cheerier with this cheetah-print pail in tow.

A frothy shade of pink just for you.

A timeless bag you can wear with just about everything.

Those cords are the perfect subtle detail on this bucket bag.

Circular Hardware


Style Du Monde

From Simon Miller's Bonsai to J.W.Anderson's Pierce, our most beloved brands are adorning their bags with circular hardware—and we're smitten.

Saddle shapes are even cooler when worn across the body.

We love the contrast of the crocodile leather and bamboo handle. 



Christian Vierig/Getty Images

What better way to remedy the cold than by holding on tight to a furry purse? They were spotted all over the runways, and now they've made their way into the hands of street style stars and stylish shops.

Dress up your T-shirt and jeans with this little number.

This bag is just so dreamy. 

Oversize Tote


Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images

Thanks to mega brands like Balenciaga, Céline, and Gucci, oversize totes are all the rage. Bonus: You can totally stuff your after-work yoga clothes in there.

Take it to work, the airport, and beyond. 

This one's the real deal. Behold a street style sensation.

If you're not into leather, try this canvas option instead.

Want more bags? We suspect you'll carry these ones forever.

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