I Have $1000 Style and a $200 Budget—These 38 Finds Somehow Satisfy Both

Being that I'm a fashion editor, shopping comes with the job. I spend hours every single day scouring the contents of online retailers ranging from Zara to Net-a-Porter, trying to find the very best of what's out there. Because of that, it can be painful to stay on track with my budget, which hinders me from buying many of the designer items that tempt me on a daily basis. Luckily, I've gotten pretty good at finding pieces that look expensive but really aren't. 

Here at Who What Wear, we don't gatekeep, especially when it comes to lower-priced finds that pack a lot of punch. That's why I'm sharing with you my running under-$200 shopping list, which includes everything from fast-fashion finds to designer sale items. Essentially, it includes everything you need to dress way outside of your price range without triggering a warning on your banking app. 

Keep scrolling to shop 38 pieces that will trick everyone into thinking you're living large. 

Just think of the outfit possibilities. 

This top will make anything you wear with it look at least $100 pricier.

I can't get over how rich this color is. 

Shop the matching Openwork Knit Skirt ($100).

You did, indeed, read the price correctly. 

Don't hesitate to buy this vest (or the entire set)—it will sell out. 

Shop the matching Maesa Pleated Woven Wide-Leg Cargo Pants ($225).

This look is a lesson in making leggings look expensive.

I would pay far more for this dress. Good thing I won't have to. 

Do I even have to convince you to buy these? I think they speak for themselves.

Comfy, chic, and just $25. 

Someone please explain to me how this tote is only $83.

I haven't stopped thinking about this dress since I first laid eyes on it. 

An easy wardrobe add-on that will tack on an instant zero to any look. 

This purchase comes with free compliments from strangers. 

I won't tell anyone that these are $30 if you don't.

Every time I see this dress, I'm shocked by the price. 

To say I need this faux-leather tube top would be the understatement of the year. 

A low-rise maxi will always be in my shopping cart, period. 

This bodysuit is too gorgeous to miss out on. 

How I can afford a skirt this gorgeous I'll never know. 

Skorts are the smarter alternative to micro minis. 

I've been telling everyone who will listen about this brand for months. 

Cinderella called. She wants her shoes back.

You won't believe these shorts aren't real leather. 

And the award for easiest dress ever goes to…