I Have Expensive Taste But a Shoestring Budget—29 New Arrivals That Just Get Me

If shopping is an art, you could certainly call me Picasso. My specialty? Sourcing luxurious-looking finds that, in reality, cost way less than you'd even guess. And when it comes to sifting through pieces that look expensive, it's all about the minutia—the "little" things like hardware, fabrics, and buttons. It takes some time and practice to get it down pat, but as I am an editor who has a hearty and ever-growing list of bookmarked shopping sites, it's second nature at this point.

With summer at everyone's doorstep, I decided to flex my skills to find the best new arrivals that hit on that expensive-looking yet inexpensive niche. After all, those exotic summer getaways aren't going to pay for themselves. Below, see the results of my latest digital window-shopping session. I've included everything from elevated tailored pieces to chic and low-maintenance matching sets. To see the full list, keep scrolling. 

Airy dresses are always the way to go.

Since 99% of the crochet hats I've stumbled upon are $400 or more, I'm definitely going with this one.

Styled with a crisp white shirt, these pants will look so classic.

Colorful satin pretty much sums up the summer.

Yes, I'm 100% getting the matching pants.

I firmly believe in having a pair of fancy jeans.

I've seen similar dresses for five times the price.

The subtle hint of shimmer is just everything.

If bright green isn't your thing, these also come in a creamy beige.

Tailored pants like these are currently all I can think about.

From the knit detailing to the easygoing length, this is the definition of a vacation dress.

There's no better word to describe this other than chic.

The lace detail really brings this up a notch.

Mango's selection of heels is top-tier right now.

Crochet is so crucial during the summer.

We told you puddle pants are the season's biggest trend.

You're not going to find many pairs of pants like this, and that's precisely the point.