30 Zara, H&M, and Mango Items That Are Chic, Warm, and Expensive-Looking

If looking chic and warm without spending all of your money is your main objective, you probably already know that Zara, Mango, and H&M are three of the best places to shop for winter gear. In particular, I find that they all make excellent sweaters and outerwear, which are obviously two of the most crucial elements of a winter wardrobe.

I'm planning on spending more time outdoors than usual this winter, since that's the safer thing to do. But I don't want to freeze while I'm at it. So I've been busy planning warm outfits and figuring out what I need. And of course, the goal is to always find pieces that look expensive but are far from it. There's plenty of that at Zara, Mango, and H&M, and I know you love those brands (who doesn't), so let's get to it.

Keep scrolling to shop the top ten chic and warm pieces from each retailer.


Pictured: Zara Faux Leather Oversized Blazer ($70)

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If someone told me this coat was $600, I would not be surprised—but it's far less.

Can you blame me for not being able to stop thinking about these?

Snag this pretty beaded set before it sells out.

Pair these chic pants with a sweater for a cozier vibe.

This is as flattering as cardigans get.

I love everything about this, but especially the buttons. 

I didn't knot I wanted leather leggings until I stumbled upon these.

I can't get over the fact that this jacket is only $70.

The cut of these pants is so elevated.


Pictured: H&M Wool-Blend Twill Coat ($149)

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They had me at the pearl buttons.

It's getting to the point where everything in my shopping cart is quilted.

A faux-fur collar is always a good idea.

$50 jeans don't get chicer than this.

Layer a turtleneck underneath for extra warmth.

I plan on copying this exact outfit.

Teddy bear coats will never go out of style.

In case you're just shopping for inside clothes, this is a great bathrobe.


Mango winter outfit



Pictured: Mango coat

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This is the winter of the sweater vest.

This is making me want to take a break from sweatpants.

I love a good black and white sweater.

FYI: Wide-leg sweatpants are about to be everywhere (and these have a matching cardigan).

Proof that Mango makes the best coats.

I'm tempted to trade my jeans for these.

I don't typically go for embellished sweaters but this one is so subtle and beautiful.

Last but not least, one more furry collar.