The Engagement Rings You Can Get for Under $100 Will Surprise You

Engagement rings under $100



If you’re on a budget but still want a beautiful engagement ring, there are some affordable options out there. From gold bands with classic solitaires to vintage-inspired styles to simple eternity bands, we were surprised by all of the amazing finds on the market. And in our search for the prettiest engagement rings under $100, we picked up on a few tricks for finding cool styles.

First, cubic zirconia is a great place to start. The stone mimics the look of a diamond and can often pass for the real thing. With an inexpensive price point, it's a fraction what you would pay for a precious stone. Second, Amazon is a really great source. The retailer even has its own line of engagement rings in a variety of styles, and most of them are under $30. Here, shop the best engagement rings under $100, no matter what your style.

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