I Asked My Co-Workers to Spill Their "Toxic" Shopping Traits

Scrolling through TikTok lately, the "toxic" trait trend has had me in hysterics more than a few times. If you're not familiar with one of the app's biggest trends then please allow me to fill you in. A group of people gathers for what is essentially a roast session—whether they be friends, family, or in this case, co-workers. Each person names one thing they've done or personality trait that labels them as toxic. Most of the time, it's simply hyperbole to make a joke out of the little flaws we all have. I thought what better to take this trend off my For You Page and into the shopping arena, so I gave my co-workers a fun little assignment to share their toxic shopping traits with me. 

I personally am guilty of way more than one toxic shopping trait. No spoilers, but a few of mine happen to be wearing sunglasses at night, indoors, and basically everywhere possible, a trench coat in 20-degree weather, and high heels everywhere I go, no matter how long the walk is. I will continue to indulge in these little things that make me happy, as should you. I want to hear your toxic trait so DM me if you're willing to share, and scroll through our editors to indulge in some guilt-free shopping.

"My toxic trait—without a doubt—is buying essentially the same few items in slightly different variations almost exclusively. For example, if it's not a pair of straight jeans, black sandals, basic tank, or oversize jacket, I'm probably not buying it this spring."—Nicole Eshaghpour, senior market editor

Shop Nicole's uniform:

"You can't go wrong with a ribbed tank."

"Bomber jackets are the staple that you need to know."

How to shop like an editor



"I love accessories and shoes, so the majority of my shopping budget goes toward those. But the problem is that I need things to wear with the accessories. Because of my neglect in this area, I tend to just wear jeans and a T-shirt, sweater, or cute top a lot, which is fine, but it would be nice to have a little more variety in the clothing category of my wardrobe as I tend to get bored easily."—Allyson Payer, senior editor

Shop Ally's favorite statement pieces:

"I already know this set is going to sell out."

"My toxic shopping trait is continuing to place orders for heels that are pretty but impractical. I'll always convince myself that I'll eventually find a reason to wear those pink satin Prada platforms that were simply too good of a deal to pass up even though in reality, boots, flats, and sneakers are the only shoes I really wear on a regular basis. I may never learn my lesson, but at least I have a rack of beautiful heels to look at."—Anna Laplaca, editor

Shop Anna's favorite heels:

"A viral shoe to go along with this social media trend."

"Color, rhinestones, and animal print—I'm obsessed."

"These shoes have me booking a flight now."

"I love bags. Like, really love them. Aside from my tried-and-true basics, it's bags that I probably shop for the most. No, I certainly don't need more than one solid option, but what can I say? That A+ style acts as the perfect finishing touch to an outfit. So, I like to have options. I shop for bags at a range of retailers, but lately, it's been mini bags from Italist, JW Pei, Shobpop, Fashionphile, Charles & Keith, and Nordstrom."—Bobby Schuessler, market director

Shop Bobby's favorite bags:

"Guaranteed to be a star in your closet."

"I definitely have a few of these. For starters, I wear sunglasses and shoes (even heels, to the presumed dismay of my downstairs neighbors) indoors constantly, and not just for mirror photos. Even during lockdown, I was getting dressed in full-blown outfits at times, wearing knee-high boots to walk around my apartment and silver sporty sunglasses."—Eliza Huber, editor

Shop Eliza's fashion editor at-home wardrobe:

"The perfect pair of black knee-high boots."

"I'm ordering these immediately."

"I literally have zero room for more boots, but these might convince me to squeeze them in."

How to shop like an editor



"I'm not going to lie: I own an insane amount of jeans. I like to have a variety of silhouettes, styles, colors, and fits always on hand for every occasion. My husband seems to think they all look the same, but of course, there are nuances to each pair! Right now I have my eye on looser silhouettes and a fresh low-rise fit."—Judith Jones, senior market editor

Shop Judith's favorite jeans:

"These will for sure put a smile on your face."

"My toxic shopping trait is immediately thinking that a night out translates to 'all-black outfit.' I know that you can wear color at night (and I encourage you to), but for some reason, I always gravitate toward the same black mini dresses, bodysuits, skirts, and trousers. As a fashion editor, I plan to take more style risks when it comes to my going-out closet, but in the meantime, shop the black pieces I can't take my eyes off of right now."—Grace O'Connell-Joshua, assistant shopping editor

Shop Grace's going out uniform:

"You can create so many looks with this one piece."

If you saw how booked and busy the shoe section of my closet is, your jaw might drop. It's fully packed in there beyond measure and the struggle is becoming real but I can't help falling in love with a new pair every week. It's safe to say that I'm obsessed. Once I transition my wardrobe to summer, I'm sure it will be easier to manage, but right now as we dance between 70 degrees and 20 degrees in just one week, I need every pair on standby. 

Shop Sierra's spring shoe picks:

I just bought these and can confirm that they're so comfortable.

If I let a pair of flats into my closet, you know they're good because I am truly a heels kind of person.

Another pair of shoes that just found their way into my closet just in time for spring showers.

Ballet flats will certainly have a moment this year.