Every Cool Girl Is Buying Into These 6 Sunglasses Brands

No accessory can do the things that sunglasses do for us. Long ago during a visit to my optometrist, the doctor mentioned that wearing sunglasses more often would be really great for my eyes. Say less. That's really when my hoarding of eyewear began, as I had an excuse to wear them even on a cloudy day. These past few weeks, my sunglasses are on the second I walk out the door even though I live in an apartment building. I may look silly wearing them indoors, but feeling confident and chic is a priority over what others might think. The obsession is real. 

Cool girls are with me on this one. Not one of them goes a day without a pair of sunglasses in tow. I've been paying close attention to the brands that my favorite fashion insiders are wearing and have noticed a few particular ones have staked their claim on these It girls. You can't go wrong with buying a pair of sunglasses from these eyewear brands, so shop along with me below. 

1. Saint Laurent



There are a lot of luxury fashion houses making sunglasses, but something about the latest arrivals from Saint Laurent hit different. They manage to look so "right now" and timeless at the same time. You'll wear the chic frames for years, making them so worth every penny.

You have no idea how many compliments I've gotten on these.

A dramatic cat eye is so on-trend right now.

Saint Laurent knows how to put together a good aviator moment.

2. Urban Outfitters

Cool girls know that the first place to find a new fashion trend is, indeed, Urban Outfitters. The brand works fast to bring out new styles that always have me clicking add to cart. It's currently killing it in the colored-lens category.



Not too many years ago, Le Specs created an Instagram-viral pair of sunglasses that pretty much every fashion girl has. I'm telling you in advance that the brand has done it again with its oval style below. You're about to see these everywhere.


Here before it went viral on my Instagram feed.

Oval sunglasses will be big this summer.


For the girls who want to test-drive a trend before going all in, ASOS is your safe haven. You're going to find statement-making eyewear at an amazing deal. I always keep the pairs I buy from here for years.

5. Lexxola

Scroll through any cool girl's Instagram feed and you're bound to see her wearing a pair of sunglasses from Lexxola. The brand has colored lenses in every shape and size. Its signature styles are so versatile I will be needing them in every color. 

This might be my next buy.

This frame has such a retro feel.

6. BP



We've arrived at our final destination, and it is good. When you have yourself a pair of sunglasses like these, sometimes, the only other thing you'll need is a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. It girls live for effortlessness and ease—you'll certainly find that with BP.

Shield sunglasses are still having their moment.