We Collectively Own Hundreds of Jeans and Have Sworn Off These 8 Outdated Pairs

Best denim for 2022

We were discussing our beloved denim collections the other day and came to the conclusion that no matter what kind of intense budget we're adhering to, we will always splurge on jeans. One editor has over 20 pairs and another on its way to join the party as we write this. The reason for our dedication to splurging on jeans is not at all for vanity purposes. Most people can't really tell how much you've spent on yours, and if we were looking to impress in that way, we'd do it with a stunning handbag collection. However, the quality will be very clear to you as the wearer of the jeans. Cheap pairs can rip apart quickly or not flatter the body quite right. We also have our hearts set on jeans because they never go out of style, the cost per wear is crazy (we're talking pennies), and investing in good basics will never leave you with regrets. 

Trends come and go, so please no sour faces if we've called out the pair of blue jeans you wear for every social gathering. Don't stress too much about it. But since we're picky fashion editors and are always swapping new styles in and out of our closets, we have to report to you what we're dropping off at Goodwill at the moment. You may find a trendy pick here or there, but below, you'll see that we fashion editors love the classics. Everyone can benefit from just one or two of the below picks in their closet. We're now going to send you on your way to find that new favorite pair that you're about to become obsessed with. Have fun!

Skipping: Whisker-Wash Jeans
Shopping: '90s-Inspired Denim

Kat Collings, Editor in Chief
2022 denim trends



"These jeans are pricey, but there aren't many items in your closet you'll get as good of a cost per wear on, so I'm willing to splurge a little. Since I've owned them, they have risen to the top of my denim pile and stayed there. The wash is perfectly worn-in—no weird whisker washing here. The fit around the hips and butt is formfitting, which I find really flattering, but then, the jeans gently relax around the thighs down to the ankle. They're called the '90s Jeans, and I feel like they totally check the box if you're looking for a '90s supermodel vibe."

Skipping: Cropped Styles
Shopping: Deep-Indigo Jeans

Kristen Nichols, Senior Fashion Editor
Latest denim trends



"I've officially been influenced by all of the great dark denim washes on the spring/summer 2022 runways at collections such as Saint Laurent and Christian Dior, so I plan to add some deep-indigo jeans into my closet. On the other hand, I recently donated all of my cropped styles since I've been gravitating to longer hemlines."

Skipping: Cropped Flares
Shopping: "Dad" Jeans

Nicole Akhtarzad Eshaghpour, Senior Market Editor
Best denim trends



"Lately, I've been very into longer and baggier 'dad-style' jeans, and I've found that my old cropped flares are pretty much on hiatus until further notice. I'm especially loving this affordable pair of Levi's that I recently scored on Amazon."

Skipping: Distressed Skinny Jeans
Shopping: Light-Wash Straight-Leg Jeans

Bobby Schuessler, Market Director
Easy denim trends



"I'm putting my distressed skinny jeans aside in favor of lighter straight-leg jeans. I love the relaxed feel teamed with oversize shirts and sneakers."

Skipping: Sailor Jeans
Shopping: V-Front Jeans

Allyson Payer, Senior Editor
Chic denim trends



"It's been a long time since I bought a pair of sailor jeans. I think they can be cute, but I find them a little difficult to style. On the flip side, a denim micro-trend I've noticed and am intrigued by is V-front jeans. I like that they're basically classic straight-leg jeans with a subtle nod toward the low-rise trend."

Skipping: Overly Distressed Denim
Shopping: Tailored, Trouser-Like Jeans

Anna LaPlaca, Editor
Cute jeans



"I've been loving the look of tailored jeans recently, especially wide-leg and relaxed fits that have a trouser-like fit to them that makes them look so polished. On the other hand, I just put a few pairs with big rips and heavy distressing into my donation pile since they aren't resonating as much anymore."

Skipping: Split-Ankle Jeans
Shopping: Rigid Straight-Leg Denim

Eliza Huber, Editor
Cute jean outfits



"I'm not sure that it can be considered a "trend" per se, but I will forever favor rigid straight-leg jeans. What can I say? I'm a sucker for the classics. For me, this is the style that's the most wearable and versatile. Though I already have far too many pairs, I'm planning on investing further into the tried-and-true style and making room to do so by retiring all of the split-ankle jeans that I bought two years ago when the trend really took off. Though they can look great at times, I don't love the way they pair with certain shoes, so I've stopped turning to them—a good sign that it's time to donate something."

Skipping: Stirrup Jeans
Shopping: The Controversial Choice

Sierra Mayhew, Associate Editor
How to wear jeans



"Please put your pitchforks down and just hear me out. Low-rise jeans have actually been so amazing for me. Sometimes, high-waisted jeans can get so tight at the waist and feel uncomfortable, but I always feel good in my low-rise pair. If you're uncomfortable showing too much skin, try wearing a long T-shirt or sweater and you'll look great. Seriously, don't knock it until you try it. Stirrup jeans had quite a moment, but I'm not feeling them anymore. They're too similar to the long-forgotten skinny jeans, so I'm saying farewell to my pair."

Okay, We're Now Going to Spill the Eight Pairs of Jeans We'll Never Take Off

You can't score a better price point for designer jeans.

They hit the waist at the perfect place.

The pockets are a great nod to the cargo trend.

This is Sierra's current most worn pair. They're so comfortable.

One of our editors dug through piles of denim in a Brooklyn thrift store to find their vintage Levi's, so we're just going to drop this here so you can skip the hard work.