I'm an NYC-Based Fashion Editor, and I Totally Lost It Over These 30 Items

Most Wanted is a weekly series in which one editor, staffer, or influencer shares their top 30 must-haves or current wish-list items.

I've loved shopping since day one. I'm not kidding—my parents use to love telling their friends about how I'd flip through racks while plopped in my stroller, meticulously scouring the selection at The Gap or Limited Too like a seasoned pro. 20-odd years later, not much has changed (other than the fact that now, shopping is my job). All of that's to say that when I tell you my current shopping cart is thoroughly vetted and out of this world, I'm not kidding.

With new arrivals bursting onto the scene on a near 24/7 basis, I've been busy scrolling through page after page of shoppable items, hand-selecting pieces both for all of you and for myself, too. (Call me selfish if you want, but treating yourself is never wrong IMO.) And while I share my work-related finds very regularly, my own discoveries are usually kept under lock and key (emphasis on the word "usually"). Today, I'm making an exception.

Keep scrolling to shop 30 items that are currently residing in my cart.

I'm constantly on the lookout for good jeans, and so often the best ones are from Zara.

I won't lie: After seeing how big blazers have become over the last few years, I wasn't sure I'd ever buy one again. But after spotting this very '90s, light-gray style at H&M, I did a 180. 

I legit had an alarm set for the day this dress became available. That's how good it is. 

There isn't a person on planet Earth who doesn't know how much I want this S/S 22 Prada bag. 

To pair with knee-high boots, obviously. 

Speaking of knee-high boots, these are pretty much perfect.

When I find something I love, I'll buy it in bulk, which was the case with this H&M oversize button-down. 

I honestly can't believe that I'm wearing leggings (to anywhere other than the gym) again. 

Every time new MNZ pieces drop at Ssense, I literally run to its website to try and buy what hasn't already sold out. 

I just got this bag, and I'm still in shock over the quality and price.

Lately, green is the color I've been grabbing for the most.

Shop the matching Ribbed Knit Sweater ($80).

This tube top is giving me The Sweetest Thing vibes in the best way.

That's it. Someone needs to cut me off from shopping for things in this shade.

The last time I hesitated to buy this waistcoat, it sold out. Suffice to say I won't be pausing now that it's back in stock.

I've never been a huge bag person, but lately, I've been adding a lot of them to my wish list.

Not me literally screaming because this Khaite dress is so beautiful.

Tip: The best way to get perfect vintage Levi's is to wear down a new pair until they're just right. 

I need one in every color in order for my T-shirt collection to be complete.

In the sunglasses department, it's sporty or bust for me.