Our Editors Share the Item They'd Register for If They Were Getting Hitched

Editor-approved wedding registry picks

We’ve all been there. You know, when every one of your friends is engaged, and you’re at a wedding every other weekend, spending all your money on dresses, travel, and registry items, feeling like you can hardly catch your breath. Suddenly, you realize that you’ve become a Macy’s registry expert and can instantly name the one item you’d want to get if you were getting married (or were to do it again). Well at least my co-workers know what I’m talking about, and being the nosy person that I am, I asked a handful of them to share what they’d want to be gifted with should the opportunity present itself. ’Tis the season for shopping, right? See what they’d add to their registries below. 

“I got married almost a year ago, and there’s one thing I regret not registering for: a sous vide cooker. My mom was a very early adopter, and I feel like I’ll only be on her cooking level if I have my own. Basically, you place your food—meats and veggies—in an airtight bag in a pot of water. Then, you let the cooker’s motor circulate the water to slow-cook the food. Yes, there are water-level sensors, you can pick cooking temperature and time, and the 360-degree pump with dual ducts maintains the water temperature. It honestly seals in the flavor of whatever you’re cooking, and it’s pretty much impossible to overcook any meat. It’s a dream.” — Caitie Schlisserman, senior beauty editor

“Full disclosure, I’m not engaged. But I would definitely add these striking gold candle holders to my registry. They would make the perfect centerpiece to my dining room table or any countertop. I love them.” — Nicole Shoohed, social strategy manager

“Love the traditional yet elevated feel of these goblets. I can’t believe they’re actually acrylic and can be used inside or out! They totally fit with the classy nouveau aesthetic that I adore. I just got married in August, but with this price, I just might add to cart for myself.” — Jeanie Mordukhay, art director

“I hate to admit it, but I’m kind of a clean freak. My boyfriend knows whenever I’m anxious or stressed because I bust out cleaning supplies to calm myself down. I think we’d be equally excited to receive this vacuum (it has a special Dust-Away attachment!) because I’ve had my current and extremely unreliable one since college, so getting to replace it with this high-tech Shark would make life so much easier. Plus, the tools for tackling pet hair will come in super handy when we’re finally ready to adopt that golden retriever we keep talking about. Now I just need a ring on my finger!” — Anna Dominguez, associate editor 

“I would say that other than dress shopping, registering for new pieces for our home was the best part of wedding planning. I had this cake stand on my registry, and to this day, it’s one of the best gifts I received. Just look at it—it’s like art!” — Nayiri Mampourian, senior fashion editor

“My first big ‘adult’ purchase was a dark wood coffee table. I love it so much that I've become a crazy coaster person, especially when hosting friends for wine nights. This marble wine-bottle coaster is chic and practical, making it the perfect addition to my living room décor, not to mention a great hostess or wedding gift idea because, well, I still need to meet my husband.” — Michaela Bushkin, fashion editor