8 Easy Eyeshadow Looks That Will Make People Think You’ve Called an MUA

It's 2024 and the era of elaborate, complex, multi-step eyeshadow looks is officially over. It's true. As makeup trends in general lean towards the minimal, low-key, and natural-looking, it only makes sense that eye makeup trends would follow suit. Gone are the days of over-elaborate multi-shade looks that required an army of eyeshadow palettes to create—and in is a more effortless (and thankfully much simpler to apply) easy eyeshadow look.

This will be welcome news to those who don't have 20 minutes to spend perfecting their eye makeup look in the mirror every morning (me), or a desire to rock up to work with a face of full glam (also me). So yes, you can finally clear out the excessive collection of eyeshadow palettes and brushes that you've been hoarding since before lockdown. The latest eyeshadow trends are all about ease and effortlessness, so instead you can turn to the likes of cream eyeshadow sticks, multitasking products like blusher and bronzer, and adopt a swipe-and-go approach. You can even let your fingertips to do the blending!

To give you some inspiration, I've rounded up eight easy eyeshadow looks that you can pull off without the help of a professional makeup artist. Scroll and screenshot.


1. Blusher As Eyeshadow


(Image credit: @HAILEYBIEBER)

Over the past few years my makeup routine has gradually streamlined and my makeup bag now features a refined edit of multitasking products that serve more than just their primary purpose. Cream blushers and bronzers in particular are perfect for using as eyeshadow—they're easy to apply, long lasting, and tie your look together by perfectly complementing your cheeks.

Get the look:

2. Monochrome Brights


(Image credit: @SPICY.MAYO)

Just because an eyeshadow look is easy, doesn't mean it has to be boring. Cream and liquid eyeshadows are perfect for monochrome eyeshadow looks like this one. And if you do want to make a statement or get a bit more creative, simply opt for a bolder, brighter shade over a neutral one. 

Get the look:

3. Subtle Smokey Eye


(Image credit: @TOBIMAKEUP)

Smokey eyes will always be on trend, but these days, they're no longer quite so intense or elaborate as they used to be. In fact, you only need three shades to recreate this look. A warm brown blended over the lid, a cool-toned grey smudged along the outer lashline, and a pop of shimmery metallic in the inner corner. Effortless.

Get the look:

4. Matte Lids


(Image credit: @CHAMPAGNEMANI)

Just like glossy lips and low-rise jeans, matte eyeshadow is another '90s makeup trend that's made a comeback this year. This is great news for those seeking easy eyeshadow looks—matte shadows are typically much easier to blend than shimmers, and don't result in annoying glittery fallout. To keep the look fresh and modern, use cool-toned shades that sit a little lighter than your natural skin tone.

Get the look:

5. Glossy Finish


(Image credit: @ANAASMOOD)

This year, eyeshadow trends have been less about colour and more about texture. Matte and shimmery eyeshadow looks might be the more obvious candidates, but a glossy finish is super cool and modern. Personally, this is a look I'll been wearing all summer long—and it's so easy to achieve. Apply with your fingertips and either stick to just a clear gloss on its own or layer it over a wash of colour for double the impact.

Get the look:

6. Latte Lids


(Image credit: @CASSANDRA.CADWELL)

The latte makeup trend is already well documented, but it's easy to see why it went viral—and has stayed so. This incredibly low-effort look is all about relying upon warm-toned brown shades that softly sculpt, add subtle definition, and create depth, while still looking really natural.

Get the look:

7. Eyeshadow Liner



Who said that eyeshadow had to go all over your lid? This is a super simple look–and another one that leans into the multitasking makeup trend. Simply use an angled liner brush (dab it in some water for extra hold) to lift shadow from a palette and trace it along your upper lashline. The result? Just a hint of colour and/or sparkle in less than a minute. Easy, peasy.

Get the look:

8. Metallic Shimmer


(Image credit: @TOBIMAKEUP)

Sometimes you do want a makeup look that delivers just a little more impact, but that doesn't mean things have to get complicated. Shimmer eyeshadows are a great way to add a little more drama without the need for multi-step tutorials or complex blending techniques. As this look proves, a wash of metallic eyeshadow paired with bold cat-eye liner is the ultimate combination for an easy eyeshadow look.

Get the look:

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